See the 5 sites believed to have been built by extraterrestrials

Sacsayhuaman is among the   strangest sites we have ever had the pleasure of seeing as it clearly shows the fact that aliens have interacted with us in the past.

As you can see, all these massive stones weigh well over 300 tons each and yet they look like they were cut to the point where they fit together perfectly to form these perfect fortress walls.

Teotihuacan, on the   other hand, is commonly referred to as the City of the Gods as it is believed to have been originally built thousands of years ago. What’s odd about this is the fact that it’s believed to have been originally designed to show incredible astronomical alignment with the sky.

The  Pyramids of Giza,  on the other hand, are the 4,500-year-old constructions that were built right in the center of Earth’s landmass. They are also special in that they are perfectly aligned with Orion.

Puma Punku is   an ancient site located 72 km west of La Paz, Bolivia. Just look at how incredibly accurate the stones are, as they fit perfectly together to the point where obviously advanced technology is used.

Stonehenge  is by far the most popular of the bunch, as the 30-60 ton stones used to create it could never have been moved by ordinary human hands alone. Many believe that the site was originally intended as a landing pad for alien spacecraft.

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