Pilot who encountered UFO ‘TIC-TAC’ claims the object disabled his weapons

The recent publication of the Pentagon’s preliminary report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) has considerably raised questions related to this type of phenomenon and is expected to be an incentive for further revelations. Some are already beginning to emerge, and one of them is the testimony of an American fighter pilot who came across a Tic-Tac UFO (seen in videos recorded by Navy pilots). According to the aviator, the Unidentified (UFO) disabled his weapons in what he classified as an “act of war”.

A United States Navy pilot, whose plane filmed the famous “Tic-Tac” UFO footage, has revealed how his weapons system was deactivated during the strange encounter.

Seventeen years later, Lieutenant Commander Chad Underwood said that when he tried to track the “target of interest” he began to see “strobe lines” on his cockpit radar.

UFOs have gone from a simple theory to a veritable debate over national security as the US admitted hundreds of mysterious encounters in the skies last week.

The Pentagon confirmed that Underwood’s “Tic-Tac” video of the 2004 flight, recorded by his F/A-18 Super Hornet, was authentic.

The incident occurred during exercises by a group of aircraft carriers USS Nimitz off the coast of Mexico. The crew aboard the missile cruiser USS Princeton has spent the past two weeks tracking mysterious aircraft with advanced AN/SPY-1B radar.

Chad Underwood

Now, speaking with filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, Underwood has revealed how his weapons system suddenly stopped after he tried to track the ‘Tic-Tac’ object moving at incredible speeds.

Underwood reported:

“As soon as I got the target of interest on my radar, I made a block and that’s when some weird things started happening. The erratic nature of Tic-Tac (…) So we started to see what we call ‘strobe jam lines’.”

Strobe lines are vertical lines that appear on your radar and indicate that you are stuck.

Corbell’s interview with pilot Underwood detailing the UFO encounter in the “act of war” will appear in its entirety at a later date. In other cases, French fighter pilots have also reported that their weapon systems have been disabled during UFO encounters, according to an official investigation.

The UAPs are currently the flagship report of the UAP Task Force, a body created after a series of stunning leaked videos showing bizarre encounters between the phenomenon and American warplanes.

And a memo released by the Department of Defense laid out a three-point plan to bring together the investigations carried out by the US to try to find out exactly what these mysterious objects could be.

The first item states that the Department of Defense wants to “synchronize the collection, reporting and analysis” of UAPs and “protect” military training and test intervals. It then indicates that it wants to set aside resources and personnel to continue the investigation, apparently confirming the establishment of a formal office. Finally, it establishes that there must be “coordination” between all the weapons of the Armed Forces and the US intelligence services on the matter.

Department of Defense personnel will also have to report an apparent encounter with a UAP within two weeks to allow it to be more properly investigated, the memo said. The move is a major victory for activists who have been calling on the US to take the UFO issue more seriously, and is seen as another step on the road to a possible era of disclosure.

However, Pilot Underwood’s statements may raise some concerns and, of course, may relate to the possibility that these objects pose a risk to national security, as the report indicated.

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