Underground race of aliens: UFOs could come from inside the Earth

For the first time, researchers started talking about an unknown underground people in 1946. This happened after writer, journalist and scientist Richard Shaver told readers of the American paranormal magazine Amazing Stories about his contact with aliens living underground.

According to Shaver, he lived for several weeks in the underworld of the demon-like mutants described in ancient earthling legends and tales.

By the way, pretty much every nation has similar myths telling about the race of ancient creatures that inhabited planet Earth millions of years before a human foot set foot on it. Infinitely wise, talented and culturally advanced, they want nothing to do with people.

This “contact” could be attributed to the writer’s unbridled imagination, if it weren’t for the hundreds of responses from readers who claimed that they also visited underground cities, communicated with their inhabitants and saw various miracles of technology, not only providing Earth’s subterranean inhabitants with a comfortable existence in its depths, but also giving the opportunity to… control the consciousness of Earthlings!

This extraordinary story, interestingly, had a huge impact on scientists and gave new impetus to the study of the paranormal.

However, the fact that the Earth is an empty sphere has been claimed in his writings by the 17th century English astronomer Edmund Halley, the writers Jules Berne in his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, Edgar Poe in Arthur Gordon Pym’s Narrative, and some others.

In addition, in the 18th-19th centuries in the United States of America, the possibility of equipping a special scientific expedition was even considered, which would prove that our planet is a hollow sphere and that it is easy to penetrate its depths through holes in the crust. terrestrial.

But, as it turned out over time, staying underground is not so easy.

The deepest hole by far is one on Russia’s Kola Peninsula near Murmansk, known as the “Kola Pit”. It was drilled for research purposes starting in 1970.

After five years, the Kola well reached 7 km (about 23,000 feet). Work continued until the project was abandoned in 1989 because the bit became stuck in the rock just over 12 km (almost 40,000 feet or 8 miles) deep. This is the current record for a depth reached by humans.

So the Earth’s shell is much larger than scientists can dig up.

Hollow Earth according to Third Reich maps.

Third Reich scientists were also very interested in the mysterious underground world. For example, in 1942, with the support of Goering and Himmler, an expedition, which included the most advanced minds of National Socialist Germany, went in search of an underground civilization in an atmosphere of great secrecy.

The “home” of the overdeveloped peoples of antiquity was to be found on the island of Rugen, located in the Baltic Sea. The expedition also had other goals. German scientists seriously hoped that if they could put fundamentally new radar devices underground, they would come close to the goal of world domination.

In 1963, two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, while digging a tunnel, saw a huge door, behind which marble steps descended.

The story takes us back to the events of August 13, 1963, in Sheppton, located in the anthracite coal belt of Schuylkill County, eastern Pennsylvania, where the famous Sheppton Mine disaster and rescue took place. Three men were trapped some 330 feet underground after a mining pit collapsed.

About two weeks later, on Tuesday, August 27, two of the miners, Henry Throne and David Fellin, were safely brought to the surface after rescuers had successfully drilled a 17 1/2-inch well and after 28 inches in your chamber. while the third miner, Lou Bova, trapped in another part of the mine, sadly perished.

The story of Throne and Fellin’s survival and rescue was enough to captivate the world’s attention, but it was what they claimed to have seen and heard while buried that fascinated the public, statements they both swore to their authenticity, both separately and publicly. , emphatic statements that led to their graves, although others believed they had simultaneously witnessed the same hallucinations.

David Fellin’s ‘testimony’ was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 29, 1963, in which he commented: “Now they’re trying to tell me that these things were hallucinations, that we imagined everything. We do not. Our minds weren’t playing tricks on us. All my life I’ve been a hard-headed, practical coal miner. My mind was clear down in the mine. It’s still clear.”

Fellin went on to comment, as some of the things he and Throne saw they could not explain in words, while on the other hand he stated that, “On the fourth or fifth day we saw this door, although we had no light from above or from our eyes. helmets. The door was covered in bright blue light. It was very bright, better than sunlight. Two ordinary-looking men, not miners, opened the door.

We could see beautiful marble steps on the other side. We saw it for a while and then we didn’t… We saw so many other things that you couldn’t explain. But I’m not going to talk about them because I feel very deeply about all of this.”

Other miners, back in England, digging an underground tunnel, heard the sounds of working mechanisms coming from below. When the stone mass was broken, a staircase leading to an underground well was also discovered.

The sounds of machines at work intensified. Scared to death, the workers fled and, returning after some time to this place, they could no longer find either the entrance to the underground well or the stairs.

In the 1970s, interesting photographs were obtained from an American satellite, which then circulated many Western scientific journals: at the place where the North Pole should have been located, the satellite correctly discovered a dark spot, similar to a huge hole. It would be possible to attribute these photos to equipment failures, if they weren’t the exact same photos taken a few years later.

Also interesting are the statements of anthropologist James Macken, who examined a cave in Idaho that is notorious among the indigenous population. Makkena and his companions, after several hundred meters of careful movement along a wide stone corridor, suddenly heard screams and groans, and soon terrible finds in the form of human skeletons appeared before them. Unfortunately, further exploration of the cave, which in these parts was considered the entrance to the underworld, had to be stopped: the smell of sulfur was simply unbearable.

If we turn to the opinion of scientists, geologists do not share the theory of the ubiquitous cavity of the Earth, although they do not deny the possible presence of huge hollow spaces in its depths.

It is unlikely that people will be able to live there, because inside our planet there is not only a very high temperature, but also very little oxygen, but it is full of other gases incompatible with human life. All this has led uneasy researchers to create a new hypothesis: maybe the subterranean civilization has an extraterrestrial origin?

And why not? Perhaps, alien beings, tired of humanity’s constant wars and struggles, have moved underground, from where they still observe our development… And it is from below the earth, and not from other galaxies, that they appear from time to time. . time in the sky in flying saucers, come into contact with people and perform your cruel experiments on them.

But here a legitimate question arises: if our Earth is still hollow inside, why has the entrance to the underworld not yet been discovered. The group of scientists from the United States came closest to the possible truth, which suggested that there are underground cities… in the fourth dimension.

And only when the Earth’s electromagnetic field changes from time to time, do tunnel entrances open on its surface, allowing you to see the underground cities and their inhabitants. Other times this is not possible.

And if we really lean towards the hypothesis that some kind of intelligent being lives in the bowels of our planet, many mysterious phenomena would find their explanation.

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