Ummo: “the biggest UFO case in Spain” comes to television

The series, directed by Javier Olivera and Laura Pousa, analyzes the birth and evolution of the Ummo phenomenon, the UFO sighting movement that began in our country in 1966 and lasted until the 1980s.

It all started when José Luis Jordán Peña, a resident of Aluche, claimed to have seen a UFO.

This statement marked the beginning of a movement in which more followers claimed to have seen aliens infiltrating planet Earth who send letters to humans who believe in them.

This premiere opened a controversial fight for the rights of the new series, because in his presentation, José Luis Jordán Moreno, son of the founder of Ummo and co-heir of the movement , guaranteed in a loud voice that he will denounce the creators of the series to “usurpers” and claimed their copyright.

“The rights to the letters belong to my father because he was the original author, ” he says. “My father passed away in 2014, so the rights passed to my mother, who died in 2020, so the rights now belong to my sister and me,” he tries to explain.

The origin of the Ummo case

It all started on February 7, 1966, when two inhabitants of the Aluche area of ​​Madrid (Spain) reported seeing a spacecraft .

They assured that it landed in the open field and as proof of this they showed a burned area, in the shape of a disk. The newspaper El Caso echoed the news.

It should be noted that at that time there were a large number of publications devoted to topics that were generically called “mystery”.

Radio and television programs also abounded, often referring to UFOs, regressions, messages from beyond, prophecies, etc. Thus, the publication about the sighting in Aluche did not go unnoticed.

At that time there was a “ufological meeting” that met periodically in a place called Ballena Alegre , very close to Praça de Cibeles.

This was the place for “experts” in all kinds of paranormal phenomena , including, of course, UFO sightings. For this group, the news was more than an isolated episode.

The contact”

After the February sighting, the Baleia Alegre group reported that they had been receiving messages from beings that inhabited a planet called Ummo for some time .

The Ummites shared scientific information with them and introduced them to details of their planet and its culture. In fact, several of them lived inside the Earthlings, without them realizing it.

The group assured that a new flying saucer would land a few months later, also in Madrid.
UFO to represent the history of the Ummo case

On June 1, 1967, a group of people claimed to have witnessed the landing of a spacecraft , obviously of Ummite origin, in San José de Valderas, also in Madrid.

They knew that the ship was from that planet because it had the same sign with which they signed the letters they sent to the group of “experts”. This was: )+(.

As if to clear up any doubts, a journalist from the newspaper Informativo received a phone call. There , a man assured him that he had taken pictures of the event and that he had left them in his name at a store .

The journalist went and actually found the images; he did not hesitate to publish them. The Ummo case was already underway.

the bottom of the case

A good part of society took for granted that the Ummo case was completely true , much more so with the publication of the images and the endorsement of specialist ufologists.

Even a Seville priest named Enrique López Guerrero attested to the veracity of the story. Although some, including followers of ufology, questioned the issue, they were not heard.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that a scandal involving Eduardo González Arenas, one of the prosecutors in the Ummo case and founder of an interspatial sect, came to light. It was learned that this man had sexually abused several youths.

He promised to take them with him to Ummo if they would agree to sexual favors.

Another experienced journalist managed to interview one of the “experts” on the subject, José Luis Jordán Peña, and he literally said: “I was the author of Ummo. It is an experiment I did to study the gullibility of man, but it got out of hand.”

He also said that some foreign intelligence agencies have helped him in this regard. Later, the journalist proved that famous photos were just image tricks.

Despite this confession, which was also made public, many did not want to believe that the entire Ummo affair was nothing more than a hoax . Today it is said that the Ummites are still among us and that, in addition, they have accounts on social networks, where they continue to teach Earthlings.

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