Bikers Face Hobbit In The Indonesian Jungle

What a lot of people don’t know is that they really existed, or at least that’s what science thinks. The Flower Man (Homo floresiensis), nicknamed the Hobbit, is considered a dwarf species about 1 meter tall with a small brain.

Which coexisted with us until about 12,000 years ago, when they disappeared. They may not look like Tolkien’s hobbits, but they have a lot in common. In our story, bikers encountered a hobbit in the Indonesian jungle.

There are several theories about the origin of this species, such as that it was a group of people who had a disease that limited their size; who are descended from apes; or the result of dwarfism. But other studies determined that it was a different species from humans. Especially since the brain size was too small to be just a Homo Erectus mutation. Therefore, we will speak of a new species, and who is to say that it has not had time to develop until today, hidden from man.

Now, however, a group of motorcyclists in Indonesia may have filmed a real “hobbit”. They were surprised by the appearance of a mysterious figure running at high speed on a dirt road.

Reality sometimes trumps fiction
In Indonesia, motorcyclists enjoyed a challenging day on a jungle road. Not far from Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. But at a certain moment, a strange creature appears with a kind of stick in its hands, running away down the road. The bikers couldn’t believe what they saw. So they decided to chase the strange creature.

The chase ended after a few seconds in the bushes, as none of the bikers could find the creature. For example, one of the Kawasaki KLX 110 motorcycles has a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. So we can imagine how fast the “mutant creature” will move. Capable of overtaking one of these motorcycles. A group of bikers manage to reach the spot where the strange creature disappears and look for it in the bushes. The grass is so tall you can’t see anything. The two bikers make their way through the bushes and find only the big stick he was carrying, so they decide to stop looking.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Fredography channel on March 22, 2017. Since then, it has reached a colossal number: more than two million plays and hundreds of comments with all kinds of theories about it. Some believe the strange creature was a supernatural being. And skeptics suggested it could be a montage. Although this time it’s not clear. However, some have come up with a more than interesting theory that he might be a member of the Mante tribe. A legendary ethnic group associated with the urban legends of Banda Aceh.

The Missing Mante Tribe
Many Indonesians believe that the Mante tribe are astral beings who have no contact with humans. Apparently, they have an ability similar to that of fairies. They can disappear into the forest when they come face to face with humans. Stories and legends also say that the last time the Mante tribe communicated with one person was in the mid-17th century. So far, Aceh-Darussalam troops have failed to capture some of the tribesmen and present them to the Sultan. From that moment, Mante decided to avoid any contact with people.

It is unknown whether the strange creature is a member of the Mante tribe, a supernatural being, or a beautifully crafted montage. But what we do know is that the video has become a new viral phenomenon on the internet and has generated all sorts of comments, opinions and theories. In search of the origin of a mysterious creature.

What do you think of the strange creature? Bikers find a hobbit? A member of the Mante tribe, is it a supernatural being or a very well-researched montage?

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