‘Time traveler from 2671’ says aliens will invade Earth before year’s end

The “person of the future” even said that the James Webb telescope would be about to find a new planet that is a mirrored version of our own.

Someone claiming to be a  “time traveler from 2671” says that Earth will be overrun by aliens before the end of this year. And that’s not the only bombastic revelation of the supposed person of the future. On his TikTok account, Eno Alaric also warned of other terrible events that were about to happen in the coming months.

“Mirror Version of Earth”

“WARNING! Yes, I am a real time traveler from the year 2671, remember these five dates to come,” reads a post by Alaric on his TikTok account. The first out-of-the-ordinary event was supposed to take place on November 30th. According to his report, on that date  the James Webb Telescope will find “a new planet that is a mirrored version of Earth”.

The arrival of extraterrestrial beings would be scheduled for December 8th. According to Alaric, this is when a  “large meteor will hit Earth containing new types of metals and alien species.”  Also according to the posts, on February 6, 2023 another bizarre event was about to happen: “A group of 4 teenagers discover ancient ruins and a device that opens a wormhole to other galaxies,” said the person from the future.

In addition, two more extraordinary events would happen in 2023. In March, Alaric says that ‘a team of scientists exploring the Mariana Trench will find ancient species’. Finally, in May,  a megatsunami with waves of 230 meters will hit the west coast of the United States , mainly San Francisco.
Worm hole

This was not the first supposed time traveler to appear on TikTok. First, a mysterious man named “Javier”  has said that he is Earth’s only survivor in a post-apocalyptic setting in 2028 . Another user of the social network who would have come from the future said that  a new species of creature will emerge after the earthquake in 2022.

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