A colorful UFO surprised school boys (Video)

The unusual presence of the UFO in the sky was documented by one of the teenagers at the school

It is increasingly difficult for something we see to surprise us, but there are unusual situations that still surprise us.

Even more so if it is a group of high school youths, who filmed the appearance of a kind of “color UFO”.

The video was recorded by Kora Gregory, one of the students who reacted in surprise. In the images you can see the presence of a blue and pink light that forms on them.

Within seconds, the light fades into the darkness of the night at North Point High School in Missouri.

The local boys were shocked and a little horrified, because it’s something out of the ordinary. “What the hell is this?” Kora wonders as she approaches the colored oval lights.

Everyone present watched attentively and expectantly, until the light disappeared after a very quick movement in the distance.

“A friend of mine I was with told me it was probably a laser. At first I thought maybe it was,” says Gregory, baffled by what she’s seen.

Parents and children continued to comment on the situation: “This is real. My son saw it and called me as soon as it happened”, mentioned one of them.

There are several theories for what happened, but none of the explanations seem to end in anything right.

It could be ice crystals at great heights, the occasional spotlight, some strange refraction of light, and of course it could be a visit from an extraterrestrial presence… Why not?

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