Three 150-mile-wide spacecraft are on their way to Earth – Observed by HAARP, the space search system

In the 21st century, UFO encounters have become increasingly common, particularly as it has become nearly impossible to distinguish between incidental UFO sightings and actual UFO sightings.

Special air defense departments, as well as other items such as underground laboratories, were effectively coordinated and we provided evidence to support these claims.

We cannot rule out the idea that intelligence agencies have analyzed samples from extraterrestrial spacecraft or even from the alien itself, alive or dead. Scientists are those who research these topics and are obliged to share their findings with us.

Three huge ships are dangerously approaching our world, according to SETI, the Extraterrestrial Intelligent Search Agency. The biggest one is 150 miles long and 150 miles wide.

The HAARP space search system, which was created to investigate Aurora Borealis phenomena, observed these objects.

Other statements indicate that these objects are extraterrestrial satellites that will be visible from Earth after crossing the orbit of Mars. The arrival of the ships will be the first time that humans will have contact with alien races in history.


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