Former NASA Scientist Claims: “Alien Spaceships Exist in Saturn’s Rings”

Norman Bergrun, a scientist who worked for 12 years at NASA, claimed that there are alien spacecraft in the rings of Saturn. But, he regretfully stated, science doesn’t want to admit that.

Bergrun has served on the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and has worked with Lockheed Martin on some classified aerospace projects. In his 1986 book Ringmakers of Saturn, he first outlined the theory that extraterrestrial spacecraft have been sighted on the ringed planets of the solar system, especially Saturn.

Bergrun says that when analyzing images taken from the Voyager spacecraft over the years, he found strange objects near the rings. The scientist added that one can even observe “exhaustion of the engines of alien spaceships, the propagation of which would accelerate and reach a critical stage”.

A former NASA engineer explained this by saying that the rings of Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter were created to be used as a source of energy or for aliens to obtain resources.

In addition, he assured that these spacecraft can be considered “alive”, since they fulfill the essential functions of biological systems, such as self-reproduction and self-maintenance. This is in line with what some theorists say, such as Arwen Nicholson and Duncan Fororganis of the University of Edinburgh.

Ten years ago, they suggested that the universe could be populated by thousands of self-replicating alien probes.

In addition to the scientist’s undeniable prestige and curriculum, skeptics claim that there is a natural explanation for this. Others indicate that the probe’s movements are causing irregularities in the images.

Mysterious Object in Saturn’s Rings

The truth is that Saturn and its moons are full of strange features, from the mysterious hexagonal cloud at the North Pole to the “shepherd satellites”. These satellites are small moons whose gravitational influence constrains matter in some planetary rings, limiting narrow regions.

Ring material that orbits close to a shepherd moon is usually sent back into the ring while other material is thrown out or ends up falling on another satellite.

However, sometimes something related to a series of mysteries happens. A striking example can be seen in the image taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

Cassini spacecraft finds mysterious object in Saturn’s rings

Cassini spacecraft finds mysterious object in Saturn’s rings

The agency describes it like this: “A bright breach in Saturn’s narrow F ring suggests it may have been breached recently. This feature was likely not caused by Pandora’s Moon (50 miles or 81 km in diameter) lurking in the lower right.

“It was probably created by the interaction of a small object embedded in the ring and material in the ring’s core. Scientists sometimes refer to these features as “jets”. Because these bodies are small and embedded in the F ring itself, they are difficult to detect with the resolution available to NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Instead, their effect reveals their presence, and scientists use the Cassini spacecraft to study these invisible F-ring carvers.”

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