An ‘alien’ locket found in an ancient Egyptian tomb

A few years ago a conspiracy full of mystery appeared on the web:

The discovery of a locket, but not just any, but one that was classified as “alien” and that would have been unearthed in an Egyptian tomb.

In January 2011, after the riots in Egypt, many treasures were stolen from  the Cairo museum , among them, presumably, this precious medallion, later offered for sale on the black market.

The appearance, in 2003, of a much sought-after medallion, which has all the characteristics of having been the main belonging and symbol of power of that pharaoh who owned it, with unmistakable signs in its engravings, calls for reflection, if the piece and not a product of a conspiracy, about how man’s origins on Earth were, his evolution and the contact he must have had with extraterrestrial beings, who knows where they came from and who may even have had a notorious influence on the development of our species (and the others that accompanied them in those early times).

The beginning of the conspiracy

the locket

Medallion image.

The discovery of this piece in Egypt, the study of which took many years, marked a characteristic that distinguishes it, for having a very striking sign of what could be considered a more than close encounter between civilizations, and which would have been carried out manually.

The  Anunnaki,  would corroborate what we were contacted in the past, a reality closer and closer to confirmation.

Everything from that discovery by paleontologist Steve Winwood, who 10 years later was accused – and arrested – in Egypt for having violated the prohibited areas where he was investigating, and it all plunged into an even more enigmatic fact.

Was the play real?
Was it sold on the black market?

The “alien” medallion

This pharaoh medallion, if it exists and is true, unites the pyramids of Mexico, Central and South America, but also the phenomenal structures of Egypt, and likewise with many other enigmas and inexplicable oddities, which can be found in India. , China, the different manifestations and vestiges of Inca Peru, the archaeological pieces that were recovered in Sumerian, Assyrian and Chaldean territories, but also in the Far East, the exotic Oceania and in different signs of countless regions, both Asian, African and American, including plaques on monuments such as those at  Stonehenge in the British Isles  and the Moai of the ever-suggestive Easter Island.

In this context, Egypt has been a continuous equation to decipher…

Not only because of its colossal pyramids scattered in the middle of the desert, but because of everything that has been found in the depths of these immense structures, and whose construction continues to generate enormous doubts.

In this context, a piece has rarely been found that contains engravings with supposed aliens, and that has been as sought after as the locket that was discovered years ago, as long as it was not a fraud.

Alien connection?

Alien medallion details

Alien medallion details.

The symbology of this medallion shows an alleged interaction of an extraterrestrial race with the main referents of the Egyptian people.

The locket also shows typical Egyptian characters such as  Thoth ,  Horus , as well as some characters with elongated skulls.

At the top, you can see holes or eyes in the palms of your hands, as well as a big glow or energy around your head, like a sunrise.

While the object below this alien entity resembles what we recognize as a flying saucer or an alien spacecraft.

Depiction of the deities Horus (left) and Thoth (right)
Click or tap on the images to enlarge them:

Representation of the deity Horus.

Representation of the deity Thoth

From the central circle comes out some sort of cylinders that appear to be made of some kind of glass, as you can see that they have something inside.

In the center of this circle, a spiral-shaped sun can be seen radiating energy towards the figure of two pharaohs.

In the lower part of the medallion, both on the left and on the right, you can see the figure of two winged angels very similar to those of the  Ark of the Covenant , together with these angels the figures of Horus and Thoth are represented.

What happened to the medallion?

Professor Winwood made several findings in this excavation, for a few years later he published them in a journal.

The English archaeologist was arrested and the objects were taken into the custody of the museum, becoming part of what is called a prohibited area of ​​archeology.
Is the locket alien?

Is the locket alien?

In this forbidden area, generally fall all objects that defy popular beliefs, and that due to their content can alter the social balance, they simply stay there and are not seen by anyone.

In 2011, after the complicated situation in Egypt, the museum suffered a series of thefts of objects, and this medallion was among the stolen objects.

It is said that in 2012 it was put up for sale on the internet black market.

Unfortunately, there is no completely reliable confirmation that can guarantee the real origin of this medallion, and not even a valid analysis of the artifact that can guarantee that it is an alien object…

It remains to be seen, what do you, dear reader, think:

Could it really be of extraterrestrial origin?

Or is it a well-crafted hoax?

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