UFO drops spheres during a strong storm

The UFO was filmed on video by an eyewitness representative. When he hovered over the skyscrapers in the center of the city. Letting go of your white UFO balloons every now and then. As indicated by this amazing video where a UFO drops spheres during a severe storm.

The mothership and its fleet of UFO Spheres were seen flying in the distance just above the skyscrapers. It is likely (according to one of the commentators on the video) that this was filmed in Thailand. The UFO spheres flew in a straight line, descending until they stopped and hovered just above the surface. In this video we see several UFOs in just one wonderful video. A UFO enthusiast filmed a UFO using a webcam.

This is actually a very intriguing UFO video as there was definitely something odd about the mothership. What would not allow us to ignore it in any way, it was simply too much “needs our attention”. Or is it a clever computer scam? And, there really isn’t much sense of cheating.

The UFO demonstrated highly developed hovering abilities and its movements remained correct. Despite being the size of a football field (or even more)! For his size, he floated well, especially as he was able to move in super slow motion for quite some time.

Surely this video will be appreciated by many who watch it. A UFO mothership has been observed emitting these white orbs during storms. The UFO spheres descended in a straight line, towards the royal city below, where thunder and lightning could be heard. The UFO spheres then hovered above the ground before disappearing from view.

We were very lucky to capture some kind of alien activity. How these football field-sized UFOs can be quite rare these days. This is certainly a good example of why we should all keep filming the sky and wait for the next observation. Although it is unknown if this is an actual UFO sighting or not. But if it happens again, for sure we’ll have some more videos. So that they can be explored in more depth. And with more evidence, we will get a firm confirmation.

Here is an unusual video that was uploaded to YouTube by the UFO News channel:

Watch the video of another “UFO bomber”:

Eyewitnesses filmed a UFO that was dropping a mysterious cargo. The time, location and authenticity of the recording are unknown. What could be dropping this UFO? More questions than answers…

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