Gemini Program: Has NASA Captured a UFO Orbiting Earth?

The Gemini Program, the United States’ second manned space program and developed in the early 1960s during the space race. However, few know that thanks to this, “undeniable evidence” of UFOs orbiting the Earth has been obtained.

Gemini Program: Was a photo taken of a UFO orbiting the Earth?

The project began in 1966, following the completion of Project Mercury . The Gemeos Program, unlike the last one, did not generate so much euphoria in public opinion, ignoring everything it originated.

The Gemini Program

The main objective of this project was to demonstrate the possibilities of space flight . Also, use the dock that would later be used during the Apollo missions , when the Lunar Module separated from the Command Module in orbit around the Moon, which then encountered the spacecraft again.

Another goal was to extend the astronauts’ stay in space to 2 weeks. This was even greater than the time required by the Apollo missions.

Simply put, the Gemini Program was instrumental in getting to the Moon, landing and returning safely.

One of the strangest images captured during the show was taken in 1966 , during the Gemini X mission.

This manned mission was part of the main program and was the 16th manned flight by the United States. It lasted 2 days, 22 hours and 46 minutes .

Astronauts on board took several images that were later protected and hidden in NASA archives .

One of these photographs shows a mysterious light to the right of the spacecraft and Earth. Theorists and researchers have theorized that it was an alien spacecraft , clearly distinguishable by 3 large lights.
Gemini Program: Was a photo taken of a UFO orbiting the Earth?

¿Extraterrestrial spaceship captured in photos?

When enlarging the image, it is clearly seen that the 3 mentioned lights are visible. Also, they estimated it to be the UFO’s propulsion system .

Interestingly, Commander Gordon Cooper , astronaut and member of the Gemini Program, testified under oath before the United Nations as follows:

“I believe these alien vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets… Most astronauts were reluctant to talk about UFOs. I was asked about UFOs and I said publicly that I thought they were someone else, some other civilization.

In 1965, Cooper commanded Gemini 5, a mission to see if astronauts could survive in space for 8 days . The time required to reach the Moon.

This may be one of the strongest evidence that UFOs and aliens have been hovering around Earth for a long time. However, NASA never deigned to give a statement on the case despite the accusations.

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