Tissues from injured aliens are believed to be hidden in a major military medical center

The world-famous Walter Reed is the premier military medical center in the United States, founded in 1909 and named after a pioneering Army physician and pathologist. There, at their facility located in a suburb of Washington D.C., there are rumors that there are tissue samples collected from the dead members of the UFO crew that crashed in Roswell in 1947.

And not just anyone says that, but Dr. Chris Green, a prominent medical examiner who is currently vice dean of Wayne State Medical School in Michigan, and whose career began in the US federal government. in 1969 as a senior analyst in the CIA’s division of neuroscience. Among other distinctions, he holds the National Medal of Intelligence and was elected a Lifetime National Associate of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. According to Dr. Green, the Walter Reed Center is where one of the greatest pieces of evidence that would prove the reality of extraterrestrial visits to our planet is kept. He knows this because the government’s top forensic pathologist, Dr. Charles Stahl, told him directly.

Stahl, who passed away in 2016, has had an illustrious career spanning four decades. He was the US Navy’s first forensic pathologist (in 1962) and was the Chief Medical Examiner of the Armed Forces. Today he is recognized as the “godfather” of military forensic pathology, the branch of medicine that deals with the laboratory examination of body tissue samples from deceased people – such as pilots or other military personnel – for diagnostic or forensic purposes. As the nation’s leading physician in his field, Stahl performed historic medical examinations, including that of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated by Sirhan in 1968. He also performed the medical examination of Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Walter Chaffee, and Ed White, who died in 1967 in a fire at Cape Canaveral.

A sunny day in Walter Reed

So far we’ve made it clear that the statements you’ll read below are backed by prestigious names in their field. This is important to establish where the information comes from and not take it lightly – even more so in these times when the US government has partially opened up on the matter. It is in this context that researcher Anthony Bragalia had access to Dr. Green for more details. Thus, the coroner revealed that in the spring of 1978 he had professional reasons to visit the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he was escorted by Dr. Stahl through the installation on what he remembered as a “clear, sunny day”.

Dr. Chris Green

As they walked around campus discussing medicine, Dr. Stahl pulled into the parking lot, raised his arm and pointed at the Pathology Building and made a comment to Dr. Green in a very serious tone. Looking at his escort, he said, “This is where the alien tissue samples are stored.” Dr. Green insisted that Dr. Stahl wasn’t “kidding” when she made the shocking statement to him. Furthermore, it should be noted that the aforementioned comment took place before the publication of the first books on the Roswell incident, so there was no possible contamination by the media to invent something on the subject.

“I was silently stunned, shocked, feeling privileged that he would reveal something like this to me,” he said. “But I couldn’t insist on more details, I expected him to tell me more, but he didn’t.”

When Dr. Green raised the issue again with Dr. Stahl some time later, Stahl replied, “I would be interested to hear what you can learn about the case” (presumably from other sources). It can be inferred that if Dr. Stahl knew where the extraterrestrial material was stored, given his background, he would also have been a key figure in the ongoing study of the specimens. Although he was not directly involved in the aftermath of the 1947 Roswell events – he was still in school – analysis of extraterrestrial specimens would certainly have continued for years to come and for decades to come, given the development of new technologies and techniques applicable to specimens from Earth. alien fabric. Indeed, during Stahl’s tenure at Reed, many advanced analytical tools and techniques became available,

Extraterrestrial Biomaterial Warehouse

Stahl mentioned the storage of extraterrestrial biomaterial on Reed and referred to it as “tissue samples”. Tissue samples are cells or tissue fragments removed from an organism for examination, analysis, or propagation. Tissue analysis provides valuable information about cell structure, genetics and histology and detects abnormalities – and extraterrestrial tissue would certainly have “abnormalities”!

At Roswell, a total of 4 alien crew members were reportedly recovered, 3 already dead and one wounded who survived for a while.

Storage, according to published scientific standards, would maintain a temperature between -4 Fahrenheit and -13 Fahrenheit. Protecting and working with the samples would take place in a medical research “clean room” – a room in which airborne particles and microorganisms that could contaminate the samples were removed through the use of HEPA filters and other advanced purification systems. air -. To ensure and prevent leakage or contamination of samples during storage or transport, they would use tamper-resistant sealed biohazard sample bags. Therefore, securing these historic tissue samples is of utmost importance. Reed maintains his own police force of armed federal special officers. They are dedicated to controlling property and access to buildings, patrolling,

Walter Reed Pathology Building.

The Pathology building has no windows and is under 24-hour video surveillance at multiple angles.

the doctor’s son

As research for this article, Bragalia located and spoke with Charles Stahl Jr., the eponymous son of Dr. Stahl and Firstborn. An accomplished government administrator, currently deputy city manager of Johnson City, TN. Charles was very approachable and was happy to chat when contacted by the investigator. He detailed his father’s involvement in the examination of the Apollo 1 astronauts’ victims and the RFK’s autopsy. He stated that he spoke of his work in a limited way when it came to such “sensational” cases, and respected that, never pressuring him about it.

Charles Stahl Jr.

Although he has not confessed his knowledge of aliens to him, Stahl Jr. since – according to your own opinion – they probably exist.

The Secret of the Roswell Undertaker

This isn’t the first time Walter Reed has been associated with alien examination. In fact, 1947 Roswell undertaker Glenn Dennis – who claimed to be aware of the alien corpses through his nurse friend at the base at the time – specifically mentioned Walter Reed’s involvement in the incident. Something that helps confirm what pathologist Stahl said. Dennis, in an interview with OMNI magazine in the fall of 1995, recounted that her nurse friend told her that in those days there were doctors present at the base hospital with whom she was not familiar: OMNI: “The nurse knew who the doctors were or where were they?” Dennis: “I asked him and he said he had never seen them before. That he’d overheard each other say they’d have to do something when they got back to the Walter Reed Military Hospital. “This direct corroboration of Walter Reed’s involvement in Roswell by someone on the scene at the time of the accident is extraordinary. It means that from the moment immediately after the 1947 crash and in the decades since, when Dr. Stahl spoke with Dr. Green, Walter Reed was intimately involved.

However, this corroboration must be tempered by the fact that Glenn Dennis misled investigators about the name of the nurse who told him these things. He also gave conflicting stories about what had happened to her. While some believe this should discredit the undertaker’s entire testimony, others point out that he was simply trying to protect his friend’s identity and prevent her and her family from receiving unwanted attention.

Stahl’s legacy

Stahl was sworn to keep the government’s secret affairs safe. But he felt a greater obligation to truth and history. He planted a seed of that truth in Dr. Green for him to explore on his own. He hinted to his friend and colleague that we retrieved the bodies of the aliens, that we examined their remains, and that this is done at Walter Reed in the Pathology building. He further stated that it would be up to his colleague to find out more, and if he did, Stahl wanted to know.

When Stahl began his career in the medical examination of our dead, he could not have imagined that he would one day include the examination of the dead from other worlds.

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