The “Beings of Andromeda” and the future of Humanity (Video)

The following is an English translated document of Rick Keefe’s October 1994 interview with Alex Collier, author of Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium. This book explains Alex’s story and his experience of contact with the Andromeda civilization.

Note:  This document is not intended to be a literal translation of the Alex Collier interview, but rather to bring together the most important parts of it. Since its content is of vital importance, we highlight the most important.

The Andromeda constellation race is one of thousands of extraterrestrial races. Andromedans are human, have white and slightly bluish skin, 4 to 8 feet tall. According to Alex, all human life originated in the constellation Lyra.

Due to a war, one of its stars exploded, and the human species began to spread to different places in the Galaxy to preserve its species.

As he explains, different skin tones have to do with different DNAs and your exposure to different stars.

According to Alex, there is no more human life on Lira. The Andromedans are a very ancient civilization that lives around the entire constellation of Andromeda.

The Andromedans, no matter where they live, have a One Government, and their civilization is spiritually 4,700 years more advanced than we are, and 5,000 years more technologically advanced.

But they have a balance between technology and their spiritual level. In fact, they use technology to be able to evolve spiritually, as a necessity of evolution, but not to defend themselves, although they can also do that.

How can spiritual evolution be measured?

Alex explains that he doesn’t know, he says that’s how it was explained to him, and the Andromedans use these numbers so that we have a reference point, because they don’t work with linear time, in fact time doesn’t exist for them.

According to Alex there are 28 types of extraterrestrial races, not all of them are human, many are dimensional organic plasma races that existed long before the human typology of the Lirians became the Andromedans.

There is a lot of life on other dimensional levels. There is an abundance of life completely different from how we perceive it.

As for the different densities, the fourth and fifth. We are in third density. The difference between third and fourth density is in consciousness, in the fourth dimension you can create what you think about almost instantly.

So there is a great responsibility in being in this state. You manifest what you think instantly.

In fourth density there is a group mind, as everyone is telepathic and everyone can read the minds of others, which means we must be authentic, transparent, and you cannot have ulterior motives, as everyone will be able to see you.

It has also been said that when we enter fourth density we become clairvoyant, from that state of consciousness we can see energy systems and fields.

In fourth density there are still dualities, and the systems of judgment will also change, as the judges and juries will all be clairvoyant and able to judge by what they see and read in the energy fields.

Everything will be judged on the basis of energy and not on the basis of words. In the fourth dimension, when you look at or touch someone you can instantly read the other person’s life, you will know everything about them.

Therefore, everything is known and you cannot have ulterior motives. In this way, we can know who we are dealing with immediately.

The Andromenes did not live in a society as manipulated as ours. All are telepathic, clairvoyant and healers because all have studied all the sciences.

All Souls know who they are, they all know their past lives, each time they incarnate they know who they are, they are aware and they know where they are going.

They can see their own evolution life after life, but if we hadn’t been manipulated, we might have the same abilities as them.

We have been manipulated over the last 5,700 years in a very intense way every day. However, manipulation began 14,000 years ago when aliens from Orion began to manipulate our DNA structure.

It’s not to say that the Andromedans are better or not, it’s just that we’ve been manipulated a lot all this time.

According to Alex, we’re a little behind the Andromedans due to these manipulations of our DNA. Despite all this, we are all Spirit, this is the base, the starting point.

Our body contains a Soul, which is part of All That Is, and the Soul tries to be recognized within ourselves. What happens is that our belief systems and our bodies make this recognition difficult.

Furthermore, the true Truths have been hidden by religions, and they have convinced us that we are matter, animal forms, and in fact we are not.

The interaction between Andromedans and humans on Earth began in 1980.

The beginning of the Andromenes interaction occurred due to the request of the Pleiadians, who have been interacting with humanity for many thousands of years.

Currently the Andromedans are collaborating with the Pleiadians and those of Sirius A.

It seems that the situation on Earth has been discussed for a long time, and your attention to what is happening here began when we detonated the first nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons have been used throughout human history on Earth, for hundreds of thousands of years, because there have been many wars on this planet. Predominantly among humans.

The Pleiadians agreed to come to Earth and try to help raise the consciousness of the planet, but apparently what happened when they arrived was that they saw their past reflected, as the Pleiadians had major civil wars with each other.

When they got here, they had just entered the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness, and they didn’t want to come back here and reactivate the memories about the war again.

But due to the evolution of the Grays from Zeta Reticuli 2, Orion’s Alpha Draconis, the “Orion Group” and other malevolent aliens from Sirius B, Rigel and elsewhere, they didn’t want to return to Earth and start wars again. with them, so that they did not do all that they could have done in the earthly situation.

Since we, the humans of the Earth, have the DNA of 22 different races, as well as the memories of all these races, the Grises of Zeta Reticuli 2 are trying to combine their DNA with ours in order to be able to propagate the same things, as they are in danger of extinction.

The Grays intend to use our DNA to create a hybrid race that will allow them to survive.

But, according to the Andromedans, they will not be able to avoid extinction, and what they are doing will not succeed.

Furthermore, the Grays of Zeta Reticuli 2 are slaves to the Reptilians of Alpha Draconis and also want to break free from their manipulation. So there is a difficult triangle to break between the Humans, the Grays and the Reptilians.

This situation has to end, all the ulterior motives, manipulation, mind washing about who we are and the true reality, about the absurd belief systems that humanity is living in, and all these alien races should go and leave us. , humans , to evolve by ourselves.

But not only the malevolent must go, but also the benevolent, they must all leave us and allow us to evolve on our own.

This is precisely what the Andromedans intend, but unfortunately that won’t happen at the moment, at least not until certain changes take place.

We humans must raise our consciousness, and the first thing we have to do is stop fighting and fighting each other.

We must unite as a race, not as countries or cultures, but as a human race, and no matter what, we must stop all the political garbage and all the programs and talk about what is really happening…

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