Lab Test of Jesus’ Blood Confused Scientists – His Father Wasn’t Human

Four blood samples are believed to belong to Jesus Christ.

The Shroud of Residual Blood from Turin can be used to extract arguably the most renowned evidence for the existence of Jesus. Researchers began investigating the shroud in earnest after they made the first black-and-white set available.

According to Yves Delage, a comparative anatomy expert from France, the elements of the shroud’s silhouette correlate very well with what we know about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Veronica’s Veil Spilled Blood (Vatican property)

Veronica’s Veil is kept safe in a gold frame. In the middle of the frame is a bubble that looks almost like a human face. It is very similar to the face of Jesus in appearance.

Is it the Holy Grail? Who never heard? The Templars found the Grail. No one knows how it was discovered or what it contained. However, it is claimed that Jesus was the owner of the blood of the Grail.

Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant. He also discovered blood samples from his mercy Seats.

It was discovered that the blood contained only 24 chromosomes. Something extremely unusual, if not impossible, given that the typical human count is 46. It is even strange that 23 of the 24 DNA chromosomes belonged to the mother while one was held by the father. We’re not sure who this blood belongs to, but it’s obviously not human.


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