Die Glocke: “The Bell That Could Travel Through Time” (Video)

Die Glocke (The bell, in German) is an alleged top-secret Nazi project, carried out during the final phase of the Second World War, a moment when many scientists and engineers took the opportunity to present plans for rockets, jet planes and tanks of monstrous proportions that would have given a turning point in the course of war, known as Wunderwaffen or marvelous weapons.

What makes the bell special is the mystery surrounding its supposed existence, as well as its purpose, which remains a mystery.

The bell was supposedly created in the later stages of World War II (1943-1945), at the secret Nazi site known as Der Riese, or the Giant, a top-secret experimental base located between the Owl Mountains and Ksiaz Castle.

This base consisted of 7 laboratories hidden under the mountains. The base was to be built by forced laborers, guarded by Shutzstafell (SS) men.

The bell was made of particularly heavy metal and was chained to the floor. It measured 5 meters high by 3 meters in diameter. In front it had the Nazi symbol, it had 2 rotating cylinders that contained a substance similar to mercury, called xerum 525.

This liquid is also said to be extremely radioactive, and many of the scientists who worked on the bell while it was lit died of cancer. When it turned in the opposite direction, it gave off a violet glow.

The exterior of the artifact was lined with ceramic material; Interestingly, NASA space shuttles such as Columbus were covered in their most superficial layer by a coating of ceramic tiles, which act as a thermal insulator.

The original plans for the bell were lost after much of Der Riese was destroyed in 1945. But what was the Nazi bell? And what was it for?

«When it was put into operation, the Bell and the 2 rotating cylinders rotated in the opposite direction and the object rose and could move. It was the first antigravity engine prototype and broke new ground in physics and technology.”

In this way, this technical ingenuity could serve as the necessary propulsion system for the Nazi UFOs that were being developed in the later phases of the war.

The top-secret Nazi Bell project was commanded by SS General Hans Kammler, a scientific engineer who was involved in the development of V-2 missiles, jet planes, flying wings, Nazi UFOs and underground constructions, among others.

The truth is that at the end of the war neither General Kammler nor the Nazi bell were heard.

Some theories say that the Bell was transferred in a cargo plane, stopping in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, to the South American cone between Chile and Argentina, or even to the area of ​​Atlantis.

However, the most surprising thing about the Nazi Bell was that this secret project was developed under the names of Kronos (time) and Lanterntrager (bearer of light), with strange references to a Time Portal appearing in the secret documents.

It seems that the Nazi Bell’s real secret is that it could be a time machine, which needed to activate its rotating propeller system and make small aerial movements at the same time.

And is that, in fact, a time machine could be a great effective weapon, the ultimate weapon, to change the course of war.

When the Soviet army was arriving in the village of Ludwigsdorf, now called Ludwikowice, Waffen SS officer Karl Sporrenberg, on Hitler’s direct orders, executed 62 Nazi scientists working on the Die Glocke project; facts for which he was later tried in court as a war criminal.

According to Sporreberg, the secret prototype would have been transferred to a safe zone in Norway.

On December 9, 1965, an unknown flying object, shaped like an acorn or bell, crashed in the vicinity of the American city of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. This event became known in the study of Ufology as the Kecksburg case.

The artifact had strange inscriptions, just like the Nazi bell, and was quickly recovered by military forces. Many witnesses saw the strange event.

Everything suggests that the Kecksburg UFO was the result of the development of the Nazi campaign project.

In fact, the most likely hypothesis of all is that both Hans Kammler and the Nazi Bell ended up in secret US government bases, protected with the utmost secrecy, within “Operation Paperclip”. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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