A Yorkshire Man Documents His Life of UFO Encounters, a Reptilian Alien and Ghosts

Many ufologists and paranormal investigators take up their hobby, job or passion after a personal experience with something unusual and unexplained – usually in adulthood. Some had their encounters as children, and these seem to be some of the most dedicated researchers looking for answers to what happened to them and why. One such experimenter is Ben Walgate, a North Yorkshire resident who claims to have had poltergeist encounters since age five and a UFO experience at age seven. Since then, his day job as a wedding photographer has sometimes taken a backseat to his passion as an investigator of his own and many others’ encounters. Now,

“We’re making discoveries all the time now, people’s minds are changing. If you go back 20 or 30 years, people would have laughed at you talking about these things, but now those people are becoming the minority. The universe is so big that we can’t be the only ones, it wouldn’t make sense.”

In an interview this week with   The Mirror  , Ben Walgate has the spotlight on his encounter with UFOs and extraterrestrials at the age of seven or eight. Now 35, he admits it has had a profound impact on his life since then. However, it was not his first contact with the unusual. As he tells   The York Press  , this happened when he was just five years old and it had to do with the family television set. One of those now old models with a picture tube, the TV screen showed static for a moment before shutting down. Except for one scary day when…

“I waited for the static to disappear, but there was still something on the TV that was glowing. (That) would be behind me near the living room door. That thing was still there, vertically erect. It was shaped like a ‘cookie cutter’ of a human with a head and shoulders, but I couldn’t see feet. I noticed it started to get bigger in the reflection. I looked and this thing slid across the floor right into my face, and I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.”

Walgate believes this was not an alien, but one of the many poltergeists his family found in the house – an old woman’s spirit broke through the walls and terrorized his father by whispering his name. These experiences prepared him for the life changer on a bathroom break while returning home from a Boy Scout camp at Snowball Plantation in Stockton on the Forest when he was seven or eight. Ben was looking for a private place to do his business when he came across something that would make him forget about desire.

“It might have been just a few seconds, but we made eye contact, he had black eyes. This thing was out of the ordinary, it looked at me, I looked at this thing. Definitely not from this Earth. It was such a strange vibe. His head in proportion to her body was tiny. It’s not like the stereotypical alien with the gray skin and the big black eyes. This thing was more lizard. I’m not saying it had scales, it wasn’t like a snake. She was olive green from head to toe, a very elegant thing, with a slender appearance, dark black eyes, tiny head, long, disproportionate arms that reached past her knees.

You call that olive green?

It looks like Walgate has met a reptilian alien – not the usual big-headed gray alien. Being just a kid, he thought it might be a prank and didn’t say anything to the adults or his friends. All memory faded until he was working as a photographer in his 20s, when he told The Mirror it came “flooding back at me like lightning”. This flood of memories and emotions inspired him to create his   401 Files YouTube channel . and start documenting other people’s anomalous experiences, especially “provoking topics such as the UFO phenomenon, bigfoot, and even the paranormal.” It is in 401 Files that he describes some of his other encounters later in life – sightings he believes may be related to the area’s proximity to RAF Fylingdales base…equipment” or aliens monitoring the testing of equipment.

“He stopped at a dime and went right back in the opposite direction. And we thought ‘what the hell is this thing doing? It can’t be a drone, it’s too big, there’s no noise, there’s nothing, it’s just these five lights suspended in the sky moving like nothing I’ve ever seen. And then it was so weird because the thing shot out to sea and it was about 20 miles out to sea in the blink of an eye, and then we heard a fighter plane roaring ahead of us heading in that direction.”

That account comes from 2021, when Walgate and his brother claimed to witness what appeared to be a confrontation between a five-light UFO and an underperforming fighter plane — an encounter he called “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.” Walgate was convinced that what he saw was a craft under the control of intelligent beings because of the maneuvers he made in response to the fighter jet – G-force moves that “would have ripped any human to shreds”.

In The York Press, Walgate details non-alien encounters in the North Yorkshire Moors and Cannock Chase – loud savage screams and glowing red eyes, but no real creatures he could film. On his YouTube page, he has many videos of things he has seen and recorded – videos that he promises are “genuine and real”. This is where Walgate differs from many other investigators – he is the photographer behind the lens and the encounters are his. With the number of videos he’s posted, he justifies himself when he calls the North York Moors a hotspot for sightings and an excellent place to hide.

“If there are intelligent beings out there, and I’m not saying there are, but it’s highly likely that there are, if they were coming here for some reconnaissance or research, it wouldn’t be difficult in a place like North Yorkshire Moors. stay hidden”.

Is Ben Walgate just seeing secret military aircraft? Are Yorkshire residents under extraterrestrial surveillance? Or are they just watching Ben Walgate? Only they – and possibly the government and military – know for sure.

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