Scientists stunned to discover humanoid creature in the Sea of ​​Japan

In this world there are many mysteries. In particular, several mysterious creatures. Mainly the mysterious creatures that are under the sea.

As human beings, we can only explore 5% of our oceans. Nin Nin Jane or Egen (Ningen), a creature that was found in Japan a few years ago in the ocean, has scientists really intrigued. There are rumors of sightings of these creatures around the Southern Ocean. The curious fact is that they are very similar to human beings.

In addition to their size, their bizarre appearance, they are sometimes very reminiscent of a humanoid being, an eyewitness quoted as saying: “It has no arms, but it has two legs and it walks upright. He is like a mermaid with two fingers, arms, fins and a tail. But they are very similar to human beings.”

During the year 2007 he was sighted again by Japanese. It was broadcast on television. The story of a research team who were studying whales when “Jane” accidentally appeared. A man approached
and managed to record the video that you will see below, the following video was recorded at a depth of 4892 meters.

Google Earth images appear to show the same being in Namibia, in the South Atlantic

Do you think “Jane” is a new being? Is it a monster that has not been discovered? Will they be Aliens under the sea? What are these mysterious beings that the media seems to ignore?

Watch the video:

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