NASA: ISS cameras can capture images of 150 UFOs

In mid-November (15), a camera installed on  the International Space Station  (ISS) managed to record images of about 150 “unidentified flying objects” in Earth orbit.

The large number of objects captured caught the attention of scientists, according to information published in the Argentine newspaper  Clarín . The report states that there are so many occurrences to the point of exceeding the field of view of  NASA ‘s high definition cameras .

The detection of loose parts in space, flying around the Earth, is not unheard of, having been previously recorded by the ISS itself. In a video, released by Russian astronaut Ivan Vagner on Twitter, five unidentified objects appear moving as he showed the passage of the northern lights.

Watch the video:

What do you think these things would be?

Astronaut Ivan Vagner, who arrived at the ISS in April this year, teased his followers on Twitter with the question: “What do you think these things would be: meteors, satellites, or…?”

Last April, classified videos of so-called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” taken by US Navy pilots were finally  released by the Pentagon , headquarters of the US Ministry of Defense, for public release.

One of the stunning images was taken just 160 kilometers off the west coast of North America, and shows a record over the Pacific Ocean. Two more records were made by infrared cameras aimed at the Atlantic Ocean.

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