Website says the Vatican would be hiding device with which they photographed Jesus and other prophets of the past

According to theorists, St. Mark’s Square in Venice is hiding one of humanity’s greatest mysteries…

In the church of San Giorgio, dedicated to the acceptance and education of orphans, he hides his past Benedictine priest, Ernetti Pellegrino, teacher of “Prelophony” (music before the year 1000) and exorcist. During the 1940s… aided by a group of 12 scientists of recognized prestige, including Werher Von Braun and possibly Albert Einstein, a research carried out in time, to design a machine capable of going back to the past when photographing, based on the principle that visible and sound waves are energy and, therefore, are not destroyed, and through this device the energy recovered and would recompose the scenes that happened, as a kind of TV tuning with the past, thus allowing to see and hear the events that occurred. centuries before. This invention was called “the Chronovisor”
According to this theory, the machine worked by detecting images that were floating in space.

The Chronovisor was a time machine, but limited from the past to the present. He said that he had come to see with this device the agony of Jesus on Calvary. He also claimed to have photographed the tablets of the law given by Yahweh to Moses, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and other remarkable episodes of our humanity. This is supposedly one of the photographs taken with the chronovisor, where Jesus is seen walking with his disciples through the field.

According to Ernetti, each of us emits millions of waves that are trapped in space-time, and we need to know how to decode access information they carry. The discovery of the Chronovisor would be an incredible leap for humanity, as a device so revolutionary, that in addition to being a highly advanced machine, capable of seeing the past, it was also possible to see the future. It’s news was published in Corriere Domenica and on May 3, 1972, the news appeared in some Spanish newspapers. and gave orders to confiscate the invention, on the basis that the published photograph of Jesus was actually a fraud and was classified “Secretum Omega”.

However, years later and before he died, the priest accused the Holy See of having hijacked the invention… which, according to Enertti, was fascinating and dangerous at the same time. At the end of the day, the Vatican didn’t care that its “lies” and a machine of these characteristics were spread because the majority of the population would not give credit… What do you think about it? Would it be a fraud? Did the chronovisor really exist? Is there currently some kind of equipment capable of such a feat? As always: You decide!
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