Moses crossed the Red Sea – confirmed by researchers after finding traces of the ancient Egyptian army underwater

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities recently came across quite a revelation in finding evidence of the fact that the Christian Bible story of Moses crossing the Red Sea may actually have happened in real life.

Evidence here has come down to us in the form of a large Egyptian army, discovered at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez. This army dates from the 14th century BC and corresponds perfectly to the description in the Bible.

The team was originally trying to find Bronze Age and Stone Age artifacts and shipwrecks in the Gulf, when they spotted the massive graveyard at the bottom of the ocean.

More than 400 human remains were submerged here, as they all appeared to wear armor and weapons attached to their attire.

Two chariots were also discovered nearby, which supports the idea that this was originally the Egyptian army following someone.

Professor Abdel Muhammad Gader claimed that this is direct proof of the fact that the book of Exodus event actually happened all along.

As we know from history, the army followed Moses after he parted the Sea, only for him to immediately let the water through seconds after all the Jewish people had passed through it safely.

Moses must have shown them a little bit of God’s wrath right there, crushing them all to smithereens in a matter of seconds.

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