How long does human consciousness live after death?

Our brain completely shuts down within 20 to 30 seconds after our heart stops beating, and normally by the time our heart stops beating, we have already lost our consciousness because we can no longer form coherent sentences.

But if that’s true, then how is it that one in five individuals who have had near-death experiences can actually remember seeing a bright light and the people they’ve lost surround them in peaceful serenity?

Is this all just the result of the brain not getting more blood from the heart as it continues to hallucinate, or is there more to it?

A team of experts from the University of Southampton in the UK sought to answer these questions and so ended up undergoing four years of continuous testing while inspecting the side effects of “near-death experiences” in well over 2,000 individuals around from 15 different hospitals across the UK, USA and Austria.

Their results were excellent, to say the least, as they found real evidence that 40% of the participants actually remembered what was happening around them despite being clinically dead.

Scientists have concluded that human consciousness can actually continue to function anywhere between two to three minutes, even after the brain has stopped working.

150 of those 2,000 individuals even saw the treatments they received and 330 of them were able to bring themselves back to life without the help of any medication.



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