Greta Thunberg is a 120-year-old time traveler, according to bizarre theory

Is  Greta Thunberg  a time traveler? That’s what many people are wondering after a group of researchers discovered a lookalike of the leading environmental activist in historical documents from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

The image is of some American children – apparently from Canada – drawing water from a well in remote lands, in the approximate year 1898. Although the  conspiracy theory  is funny, it is undeniable that the child does indeed look like Greta. Check out the image of the University of Washington and draw your own conclusions.
The “Greta of the Past” would be on the left

Looks like or not?

Either way, this is a  ‘good ‘ conspiracy theory. The spreaders of the theory – ironically or not – are saying that it came from the past to save humanity, warning us to care for the earth and the environment, for sustainable development.

Ufology websites have even said that Greta is a super advanced alien who came to stop the destruction of humanity. Regardless, the fact is that Greta is one of the main voices against global warming and her image is seen as a symbol of the struggle for the maintenance of humanity and the continuity of life on our planet.

It’s not the first prank they’ve played with the 16-year-old activist. She even turned it into a  death metal clip , and had fun with the memes fans made of her. Despite this, many people are irritated by such an empowered girl who speaks truths that some people prefer not to hear, such as journalist Gustavo Negreiros, who  was fired after offending Thunberg  with sexist comments.

Check out Greta’s conspiracy tweets:

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