The ancient Nommos civilization that came from the Sirius star system

The Dogon first appeared in the spotlight among academics when it was revealed that they possessed advanced astronomical knowledge for such a primitive tribe.

They don’t use technology, nor any kind of science. They mainly focus on spirituality and relationship with nature.

Their knowledge is passed on in the oral tradition for many generations. However, this tribe was already familiar with a distant star called Sirius B.

Dogon tribe

When asked how they learned of their existence, the tribe spoke about the history of the “Nommos”. They were a race originating from the Sirius star system that visited our planet thousands of years ago, just when Mesopotamia was beginning.

They are described as half human, half amphibian. The Nommos offered some information about the stars, information that is recounted by the Dogon tribe to this day, but anthropologists are skeptical.

Robert Temple wrote the book “The Sirius Mystery” containing all the information of the Dogon tribe, all their knowledge about non-visible phenomena such as the moon of Jupiter, knowledge received from the Nommos. The book left many people wondering.

However, the events leading up to how the Dogon acquired their knowledge are still open to debate and we are left with more questions than answers.

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