Strange screams from the sky pierced Texas – what could it be? (VIDEO)

This was by far the scariest experience of Daniel Robb’s life. He was trying to sleep in his Bryan City apartment when he was suddenly awakened by an extremely disturbing and terrifying high-pitched scream. All of this happened on May 23, and he documented, narrating the incredibly disturbing screams.

He later stated that he was always a banshee. Banshees are a part of Irish mythology and they are believed to sing female spirits that attract humans. In some depictions, they bode well, but in some, they can be carnivores, to say the least.

Commentators around began to discuss the theories behind this video, some claiming it was the call of a wendigo, others claiming it was the roar of a dragon while others even believing it was demons calling it.

The video begins after a strong storm has engulfed the area. He managed to sleep, but was woken up by the screams later. He discussed the video with his neighbors, who supported his claims, claiming they also heard the screams.

Could this be faked? Was it all an elaborate prank on us or him? You can discuss this in the comments below; We love hearing your thoughts on these weird videos.

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