Security Cameras Record “Mysterious Entities” Worldwide, Watch Video!!

The video we show you today refers to an investigative dossier broadcast on October 25 on the Mexican television channel Tercer Milenio conducted by well-known journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan . The dossier features some images taken from surveillance cameras scattered around the world and showing mysterious Extraterrestrial life forms.

As described by UFO researcher and Skywatcher Carlos Clemente who conducted the investigation (or dossier) on the presence of these mysterious presences they are neither ghosts nor human beings. They are commonly known as Non-Human or Extraterrestrial entities, dark lifeform beings. Saying they are Alien Entities does not mean they are of extraterrestrial origin but their provenance is still unknown although many UFO and paranormal researchers insist that these Entities are space-time travelers or Multidimensional Beings.

These entities seem to be aware of our presence. Documentation relating to direct testimonies to footage recorded by surveillance cameras of people who had Third Degree Contacts with these beings is quite modest.
It seems that thanks to the technologies of the most sophisticated cameras, especially night vision or infrared cameras, they can often record these mysterious apparitions. Life forms that are not visible to the naked eye but only through these cameras.

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