UNPRECEDENTED! NASA spacecraft collides with asteroid on DART mission; Watch the video

Finally, almost a year after launch, NASA’s DART mission  spacecraft finally collided with the asteroid Dimorphos on Monday night (26), while flying at 22,500 km / h. Olhar Digital broadcast   the  collision live; check out.

Although the explosion of a ship seems like an accident, this time the act was intentional.

The reason: special defense. NASA wanted to test Earth’s ability to deal with threats if one day a dangerous asteroid collides with Earth.

More concrete data on the collision should come out in the coming weeks.

“We are changing the motion of a natural celestial body in space. Humanity has never done this before,” said Tom Statler, NASA’s DART program scientist.

“This is stuff from sci-fi books and really cheesy ‘Star Trek’ episodes from when I was a kid, and now it’s real.”

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