Mystery of the Alien Tower on the Moon Intrigues the World

Could it be a   giant alien telescope   spying on us here on Earth? An  extraterrestrial base ? Or simply an  optical illusion ? Well, the answer to that question depends a lot on who is asking…

After all, this image is floating around the internet and there is no shortage  of conspiracy theories  (stupid or not) and  skeptical explanations  for this strange lunar formation…
Supposedly 6 km tall tower on the Moon

It all started in early February 2016, when a British website released the latest discovery by some  UFO hunters  about the lunar images, claiming that they would be “ evidence of an alien construction about 6 kilometers high on the lunar surface ”.

The supposed extraterrestrial tower is located very close to  the Mersenius crater , and can even be located on  Google Earth-Moon , as shown in the image below:
Location of the alleged alien construction on the Moon

After all that, there was no lack of speculation about what this strange lunar formation could actually be, which appears to rise from the center of a crater. While ET enthusiasts are excited by  what  could be more evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, skeptics believe it is just another optical illusion effect known as  pareidolia , when our minds are so conditioned to identify familiar shapes that sometimes sees things that don’t exist in abstract forms.
Examples of pareidolia or optical illusion

The Youtube channel ‘Mexicogeek’ even made a video about this space controversy, showing the strange formation in the ‘ Google Moon ‘, and now you only have the task to judge what that would be after all… what do you think? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments!

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