Experts guarantee that the first alien HUMAN will be born in 2024

The human race has achieved many things that seemed impossible throughout history, including reaching the Moon, there have even been missions in different parts of the universe with the participation of  NASA personnel  .
alien human

Experts guarantee that the first ALIEN HUMAN will be born in 2024

However, an idea has emerged that undoubtedly seems somewhat ambitious, which requires a lot of effort to be carried out, since it is about reproduction outside the land. It is a very complicated project that will begin to be carried out in 2020 and that undoubtedly seems impossible.

The first human extraterrestrial will be born in 2024. Reproduction on other planets?

Recently we were able to witness countless projects that we want to carry out to find a safe place for human beings when the Earth ends and guarantee the survival of our race.
alien human

human alien 

However, never before has such a complicated objective been faced as that of reproducing outside the planet Earth so that the first  extraterrestrial child  is born  . Something really amazing.

What will this project look like?

The company  SpaceLife Origin  plans to start a human reproduction project on Mars from 2020. This work has four phases that must be followed perfectly for this project to succeed. The first thing that will be done is to send about 1000 tubes full of human, male and female reproductive cells into space, in addition, they must be protected from radiation.
embryo incubators

Embryo Incubators

Subsequently, the so-called “embryo incubators” will be launched, where male and female reproductive cells will be found that will have the opportunity to conceive when they are in space.

What will happen next?

Once the first two phases are completed, these incubators will return to Earth reporting the viability that the babies will have. Subsequently, they will be implanted in the uterus of the chosen mother and the entire gestation period will be on our planet. When the time for birth arrives, the mother will be sent into space so that the baby will come to life among the stars.

Once the first two phases are completed, these incubators will return to Earth.

Undoubtedly, this project looks very crazy and distorted, but at the same time it is still brilliant. Tell us in the comments what you think about it.

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