Scientists discover tribe with alien DNA

DNA is a   nucleic acid   that contains the   genetic instructions  found in every cell in our body and contains all the instructions needed to create and sustain life.
Scientists discover a tribe with alien DNA

Scientists discover a tribe with alien DNA

And as incredible as it may seem, all humans are genetically 99.9% the same; and that 0.1% is what makes us different. It is what allows us to identify ourselves, that is, to have our genetic identification. Therefore, this new discovery has put scientists and researchers of human genetics in check. Taking into account that the sequencing of the chimpanzee genome and its comparison with that of the human being, it is almost identical to a 99% similarity of the DNA, but this DNA may be the missing link for entering into a close relationship with the beings of other civilizations

The DNA of the inhabitants of this tribe is different from everyone else

Scientists, researchers and scholars. They reconstructed the evolution of humanity and it was discovered that there were other humanoid species that are closely related to Neanderthals and Denisovans. The fact is, evidence has now emerged that the people of the island of Melanesia could have DNA reflecting the participation of a third species that the world had never seen before. Currently, researchers think that this mysterious DNA. It originated in the South Pacific, just northeast of Australia. However, other researchers comment that it may be the lost race of the Anunnaki, a civilization that was considered lost.
Ancient lost civilization of the Anuna

What a mystery lurks behind the island of Melanesia and its challenge to human genetics

Renowned scientist Ryan Bohlender. He’s studied DNA and its historical ties for years, and that tells us that we still need to piece together all of human history. While he agrees that humans are closely related to  Neanderthals  and  Denisovans, he  also believes that there is a third species that represents a small portion of the human population. Through a study carried out a few years ago, it was discovered that there is a link between Neanderthal DNA and certain conditions such as depression, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cholesterol, schizophrenia and diseases in humans.
Melanesian island, continent Oceania

Oceanic Melanesian Island Continent

The island of Melanesia. It is considered a geographically very different ethnicity from those of Polynesia and Micronesia. Because they have a homogeneous historical-cultural past. Studies of their languages, their human biological variations, and their cultures defy any attempt at categorization and demonstrate a diversity and heterogeneity not found anywhere else in the world.
Genetic DNA Inhabitants of the Island of Melanesia

Genetic DNA Inhabitants of the Island of Melanesia

Therefore, scientists believe that this third species is one of the missing links to explain why this Melanesian tribe has DNA that is currently not seen anywhere else in the world. Of course, at the moment this is just a theory, as there is no concrete evidence that a third species of humans ever existed on Earth. However, if bones and teeth are found, it could give new clues about the missing link.

Alien DNA on Melanesian Island Could Be the Missing Link

In the so-called Melanesian Island and in the Solomon Islands, there is a small tribe of human beings who are blond Indians, who have had little or no contact with the rest of the societies, at least until now. Their origins are said to be typical of the  Anunnak  , an ancient civilization that was considered lost, and so they are called the lost children of the Anunnaki. Since these stand out from the rest of humanity, giving meaning to the research being carried out with extraterrestrial DNA in Melanesia.
Alien DNA on Melanesian Island, The Missing Link

Alien DNA on Melanesian Island, The Missing Link

Undoubtedly, this strange case gave rise to one of the greatest mysteries of humanity, and it makes us aware that not everything is as we know it, since we ignore more than we know, especially about these inhabitants of the Pacific Islands. that perhaps have an   extraterrestrial code in  Denisovan genes, thus showing the genetic engineering of ancient times that Melanesians possess today. And that’s why governments around the world keep this tribe under strict protection, since they have in their DNA a large load of genetic information unknown to humanity and under investigation.

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