Project ISIS: An Alien Mummy Discovered in Egypt? “THE TOMB OF THE VISITOR”

One of the most shocking and controversial videos in history. A short clip of an alleged secret mission of Project ISIS, from the former Soviet Union, where they recover the remains of an «alien mummy».

The images show the supposed expedition of Project ISIS According to different researchers, the KGB had created Project ISIS to search for the mummified corpse of an “ancient astronaut” named  “The Visitor” .
This being would have visited the Egyptians in ancient times, giving them knowledge and advanced technology that helped them grow as a civilization.

ISIS Project What is behind this event?

The Ancient Astronaut theory suggests that in the remote past extraterrestrial beings visited ancient civilizations and helped them to develop. Thus was taken the leap to modern civilization. These ancient societies made such drastic advances, and in such a short time, that they reached standards never before seen. Proof of this are the monuments that remain to this day. This is possibly the strongest proof that they received alien help.
Even so, there are many skeptics who discredit Project ISIS, claiming that it is nothing more than an invention. However, in 1998, Sci-Fi TV released a documentary titled The Secret KGB Abduction Files that can prove its veracity.

The documentary shows black and white footage of the expedition to the Egyptian desert in search of the  “Tomb of the Visitor” , as the website UFO International Project called it. The Soviets launched Project ISIS during the Cold War in 1960. The mission was to obtain the remains of  “The Visitor” , as well as the hidden technological artifacts and manuscripts.

They were convinced that there was advanced military science and technology within this information that would give them an advantage over the United States.
The main motivation of the Soviet Union was to “match” the North American country in terms of technology. Well, they were convinced that they had obtained advanced technology thanks to the Roswell incident.

The Soviet mission included Egyptologists, scientists, engineers and military experts from the Soviet Academy of Sciences. This team found the body of an alien inside a 13,000-year-old Egyptian tomb.

Has an alien mummy really been found?
The Story of the “Alien Grave” The tomb was discovered accidentally by native Bedouins who fell ill and died after the tomb was opened. Based on this story, Egyptian authorities suspected that he might have technological artifacts and manuscripts with advanced knowledge.

At the time, the Soviet Union and Egypt were allies. Fearing that the United States would obtain information about the tomb, the Egyptians decided to inform the Soviets and help them in the search. Sami Sharaf a close associate of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was the head of Project ISIS. The images documenting the expedition were obtained through a Russian intermediary linked to the mafia.

The source claimed in turn that he obtained the tape from agents who had access to KGB documents.

The video shows when the team entered the tomb trying to open the sarcophagus without any protective clothing.

When the agent lifted the lid, a cloud of dust emanated from inside. The men withdrew immediately, only to return minutes later wearing protective clothing and gas masks.

The men recovered the “two meters tall” alien body  . Artifacts and manuscripts were also recovered beside the tomb that tell the story of the return of a  “Winged Deity” .

Those responsible for Sci-Fi TV stated that experts analyzed and confirmed the veracity of the video. Although skeptics have argued that even if the video were authentic it is likely that they were opening a king’s sarcophagus.

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