I Observed A Secret Mission: There Is An Abandoned Alien Ship Claims Whistleblower

According to the insider he claims to have worked on various secret space programs and saw a recording of “a secret mission to an abandoned alien spaceship” i.e. Oumuamua..

What you will read below has not been confirmed by any official agency. These are personal statements. The informant claims that this mission was carried out by an alliance of secret programs and that he first observed Oumuamua before entering our solar system.

This is particularly significant given that the “official” discovery of Oumuamua was on October 19, 2017 and it so happened that after it passed the sun it was flying over Earth on the outer part of its interstellar journey.

This whistleblower’s credibility as an insider has recently received a significant boost with the confirmation of two Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRD) dealing with “distortion impulses” and “passable wormholes” launched by him. At the end of 2017.

The recent confirmation of the DIRD documents leaked by the insider means that his testimony about Oumuamua cannot simply be inadvertently rejected and it is worth considering that astronomers are looking for answers to the origin and composition of Oumuamua.Oumuamua An Abandoned Alien Ship?

In January 2018, he provided a detailed description of what he saw in a video that was shown to him and others who attended a meeting about recent activities in secret space.

“The person leading the meeting called our attention to a large glass monitor that was falling from the ceiling. Sigmund got up and said, “I have a surprise for you two.” He walked over to the monitor and looked at it as he spoke.

He claimed they were monitoring what appeared to be a derelict spacecraft heading towards our Solar System.

It would have been the same cigar-shaped “asteroid” that NASA and the mainstream media dubbed Oumuamua, and “widely publicized during the same time period.” He then explained what was said about the secret space mission sent to observe and land on Oumuamua. He continues in the video:

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