Did Aliens Stop British Live Television Broadcasting Sending Important Messages to Humanity?

While the news program was playing, suddenly the screen flashed and the aliens started talking. (Photo taken from the video)

In 1977 there was a controversial event where aliens hijacked the British TV channel Southern for 6 minutes, so these creatures sent an important message to humanity. Gardner. At 17:10, when the news was on, suddenly the TV image started to flicker slightly, then a buzzing sound appeared.

Then came a voice that didn’t sound human, but rather like a mechanical or alien device. In place of the transmitted message, there was a blurred image of someone claiming to be from the Ashtar Galactic Command speaking.
This strange incident left hundreds of British viewers so terrified they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Here is the message that Vrillon, the Ashtar Galactic Command Representative, wishes to convey to everyone on Earth:

“For many years we (the beings of the Ashtar galaxy) appeared on Earth in the form of bright objects in the sky. Now we want to talk to you in peace.
Peace and wisdom have always been our top priorities when dealing with other planets and your Earth.
Today we are here to remind you of the fate of humans and Earth in the future. Fortunately people all over the world regardless of nationality or race can join hands and cooperate to prevent future disasters.

As the Earth enters the New Age of Aquarius we hope this message will wake you up. The new era will bring great growth and peace. To achieve this, their leaders need to know the hostile forces that want to exploit their power.
Now, please listen calmly to the message we want to convey. Because this could very well be your last and only chance. You must give up the weapons of war and bloody conflicts.
If you can do that, terrestrial humans can evolve to another level. Time is running out you just need to live together in peace quickly.
Now some people on Earth are starting to understand the new age and spreading the information to all of humanity.

You have the right to disbelieve and ignore them, but only those who know how to live in harmony with all things and nature can evolve into a higher spiritual realm.
You are hearing from Vrillon, the representative of the Ashtar command. Be careful because on Earth there are many people who take advantage of faith to make false prophecies. They do this to cheat people’s money everything they say is unfounded and inaccurate.

The spokesperson said that this is the message that Vrillon, representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command. (Photo via Pic2)
Your inner divinity can protect you from lies and deceit. You must learn to listen to your inner voice and distinguish between the true and the false. Once you learn to hear the truth from within you are on the path to spiritual elevation.
We have watched you for a long time and we love you very much. This is the message we want to send to the inhabitants of Earth we are still here in numbers far beyond what your scientists know.

We care a lot about you and your journey to the light. We will do our best to help you, don’t worry, try to understand each other and live in harmony with the Earth. The Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for listening, we are leaving Earth, may the love and ultimate truth of the universe bless you.”

After the alien finished speaking, the TV signal was cut off and the transmission returned to normal. This incident was excused and reported by Southern TV. As they couldn’t explain this incident they assumed it was just a malicious joke.
But it can be seen that stealing television signals in 1977 was an extremely difficult task requiring advanced and quite expensive technology.
After this incident, Vrillon was also not found, no one could give a reasonable explanation. Why would anyone want to do that?

With time as there is no exact answer this story also gradually falls into oblivion. However in recent years the number of reports of UFO sightings is showing signs of increasing. There are even cases recorded by many people with cell phones. In the legend there is an organization that balances all races in the galaxy, the Galactic Federation, it is worth mentioning that this federation has a special unit called  “Ashtar Command”.

Ashtar Command The Ashtar Command
is said to hold all strategic positions in the solar system. The ministry’s main task is to stabilize the movement of the Earth’s plates, prevent nuclear war and help humanity wake up.
The head of the Ashtar Command is responsible for the development of Earth communications and Internet technologies, as well as the management of intergalactic communications. It also helps people to develop a sense of the 5th dimension.

The Ashtar Command Special Envoy and President Eisenhower are rumored to have a relationship, most likely they met at Edward Air Force Base. During the meeting, they discuss communication through the United Nations, or discuss how the Ashtar Command provides the most advanced technology to humanity. The condition is that the US stop developing nuclear weapons.

In late 2020, in a media interview, the former head of Israeli space security, former General Haim Eshed, now 87, said that aliens from the Galactic Federation had contact with humans. But this incident was not made public because the aliens thought that  “humans are not ready yet” , so they asked not to make this information public. Information from Eshed says that over the years the United States and Israel have been in contact with extraterrestrials. The US government and the aliens have secretly made a number of deals with each other including the establishment of a secret underground base on Mars because the American aliens and astronauts are there.
Mr. Eshed has written a book called “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed”. In it, he revealed a lot of information about aliens.

Professor Haim Eshed
In June, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) also released a written report on UFO encounters. They said that out of 144 UFO sightings, only 1 could be explained, the rest ‘remains beyond explanation’ by the government.

Therefore, not even the US government can know exactly whether the existence of aliens is true or not. So the topic of the existence of aliens is still a topic of much interest and debate. In addition many people also wonder why aliens come to Earth in the end where are their real living places, what is the aliens social form etc.

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