Apollo 20: NASA’s Mission to Recover ‘ALIEN’ Technology on the Moon

According to reports the so-called Apollo 20 mission was not just an American mission but was actually a joint venture between the Soviets and the United States. The mission was carried out as per 1976 reports. Whether or not the mission took place remains a deep mystery.

For most of us, the idea that secret missions took place on the Moon is extremely difficult to believe. Above all, when you add that in one of those crazy stories the one about alleged top-secret missions to the Moon they recovered extraterrestrial technology from so-called alien structures on the moon. While many believe that the Apollo 20 mystery mission idea is just another conspiracy theory, there are many people around the world who believe that such a thing is entirely possible and that there is evidence to support such missions.

In today’s world ufologists who are trying to get to the root of the UFO phenomenon (now extraterrestrial reality), are going through a very difficult period due to the numerous theories and deceptions perpetrated by anti-conspiracy theorists, that fringe of skeptics in the payment of power. , occultists who post fake news on the web to discredit the work of serious researchers and true conspirators. Skeptics claim that the so-called Apollo 20 mission could very well be one of these elaborate hoaxes, but there are some interesting details that indicate that this mission is worth further research, not least because there is evidence to support this theory. .

Officially, NASA ended its Apollo program with the Apollo 17 mission although they had planned other missions to the Moon with Apollo 18.19 and finally Apollo 20. Although these missions “never” officially took place, many people believe that secretly NASA did command three more missions to the moon where astronauts would have explored ancient structures on the lunar surface and recovered “alien” technology.

One of the most interesting quotes about alien structures on the surface of the moon comes from Dr. Brandenburg.

The Doctor. Brendenburg, who has a PhD in Plasma Physics and is a consultant to Morningstar Applied Physics LLC and a part-time instructor in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics at Madison College, provided what some call “substantive evidence” of alien life present in our system. solar. “In one of the Clmentine mission reconnaissance photos, essential to check if someone was building bases on the Moon that we don’t know about. They showed images that these alien structures were expanding.”

“Of all the images I’ve seen of the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is the image of a mile-wide rectilinear structure. It felt unmistakably artificial and shouldn’t have been there. As someone in the space defense community he looked with great concern at any such structure on the moon because it is not ours there is no way to build such a thing. It means there’s someone else up there. … Basically, they limited themselves and did their job, and told us not to interfere with them…” 
“We knew there was the possibility of an unknown presence, perhaps alien/extraterrestrial near Earth…”

Interestingly, in 2007 several interesting videos were posted on YouTube by William Rutledge, an individual who claims to have been part of the Apollo 20 mission. Rutledge claims that there are numerous structures on the far side of the moon and also showed videos of an “Alien Woman” who was found in a giant extraterrestrial spacecraft collided with the Delporte crater.

A small triangular craft on the moon
Italian researcher Luca Scantumbarlo contacted Rutledge and was able to find out more about the incredible ‘story’ that Rutledge had revealed to the public.

According to reports the so-called Apollo 20 mission was not just an American mission, but was actually a joint venture between the Soviets and the United States. The mission took place according to Rutledge in 1976.

Apollo 20 was sent to the far side of the moon in an area called the Delporte-Izsak Region, near the Tsiolkovsky crater. The objective was to investigate a huge object that had been spotted by crew members of the Apollo 15 mission. Once on the moon, Apollo 20 crew members found a giant alien spacecraft 3,300 meters long and not far from it another very smaller.

This is Rutledge’s tale:
“We enter the very large triangular ship that is close by. The main conclusions of the exploration were: it was a very old mothership that crossed the universe at least a billion years ago.

There were lots of signs of biology inside, old vegetation debris in a motor section, special triangular rocks that gave off “tears” of a yellow liquid with special properties, and of course signs of extraterrestrial creatures. We found remains of small

There were a few bodies (4 inches long) that lived and died in a network of glass tubes throughout the ship, but the main discovery was that of two humanoid bodies, one of which was intact.”

Whether or not Apollo 20 ever existed remains a mystery to most of us, however, it is extremely pleasant to know that there are many research people who have emerged in recent years providing reason to believe that such space missions actually took place and that there are numerous alien structures. on the surface of the moon. We conclude by saying that the large alien craft is visible through the Google Map photos and is still in the Deporte crater in the Izsak region.

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