This man reveals he had to sell his ranch due to constant alien attacks

If we refer to extraterrestrial contact, many are anxious and want to investigate independently. Therefore, when there is the possibility of getting a supposedly active location in this sense, it is a gem. However, an American farmer has put his ranch up for sale at an extremely high price due to alien attacks.

Reason for sale, alien attacks?

John Edmonds and his wife put their house up for sale for reasons beyond their control. They claim to have been visited and attacked multiple times by beings from another planet on multiple occasions.  That’s why they put their house up for sale for $6.5 million.

This farm is located in the quaint town of Rainbow Valley and is 9.67 acres. Although it is large, under normal conditions it would not be even close to all the millions who ask for it. Despite the couple having lived here for over 20 years, for all they’ve allegedly been through, they want to leave as soon as possible.

John claims he has killed 19 aliens 

Of all the incidents that occurred on the farm, João highlights one that was unforgettable and traumatic. He explained to local media that one quiet night, a portal appeared on his property. From him came a series of strange creatures that tried to take his wife. They managed to get her out of the room and tried to get her into the portal to take her away.

John claims that he was filled with rage and took a katana (samurai sword) and started killing them,  guarantees that in recent years he has had to kill 19 aliens who were just coming down to his ranch to visit Earth  , of all beautiful places. that must be in the world. On one occasion, he even admits that his wife levitated and was taken to the garage in the middle of the night.

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