A Mysterious Suitcase with ALIEN Skulls Found in the Russian Mountains

Dmolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” folder has written a strange logo “Ahnenerbe” This case he was recently found in the mountains of Adygea. Discovered in the mountains of Russia a strange mysterious suitcase and two skulls. According to journalists from the newspaper “Komso

In the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya were found two skulls belonging to a creature unknown to science with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe probably the most secret society within the SS dedicated to the study of occult and supernatural forces. According to the researchers, it is likely that SS members were interested in the mysteries of ancient dolmens and the causes of high natural radioactivity in the Kishinski canyon region.

It is also possible that they were looking for the gold Kuban Rada, lost somewhere in the region during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923). The researchers also discovered a German map of the territory of Adygeya, carried out in 1941 and they were surprised by how accurate and complete it is. These found objects have aroused great interest among specialists.

Historians know many details of the Wehrmacht’s Edelweiss operation that they planted Nazi flags on the peak of Elbrus the highest mountain in Europe located in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Russian Caucasus. However, what was the purpose of this secret organization in the mountains of Adygea? The discovery in the forest in the Belovodie ethnographic complex located in the village of Kamennomostsky, the enigmatic skulls and the secret occultists of the saved SS folder.

“A senior local man brought a large bag with a brown leather handle and the Ahnenerbe secret society emblem on the lid,” explains Belovodie owner Vladimir Melikov-. He is a real hermit living in a cabin in the woods but no one knows exactly where. So I asked if she had found a secret hiding place in the woods. Also all items were in good condition. For example games can still be used today. Finding such an exceptional place. ”

We notice the cover of the case clearly showing the official emblem of the Ahnenerbe which consists of runes.

But what were they looking for in these places? Ahnenerbe, whose full name is “Society for Research and Training in German Ancestral Heritage”. This organization existed in Germany between 1939 and 1945 and was created to study the traditions, history and heritage of the “Aryan race”.

Ring found near the briefcase that is possibly a soldier.
They investigated everything strange and mysterious that existed in the world, made expeditions to Tibet, Antarctica and the Caucasus and sought UFO contacts for the secret of absolute power. Hitler’s Germany was actively involved in the development of new types of weapons capable of changing the course of the war. In the Ahnenerbe 350 specialists worked: they were experts with a brilliant education, a great scientific career and various degrees.

Few know that a few years before the start of the war, experts in mountain roads a German military construction organization offered help to the USSR for the construction of the road between Pitsunda and Ritsa (from the Black Sea coast a mountain nature reserve, now in Abkhazia ), allegedly for reasons of international cooperation. After completing the work, the German specialists met a tragic death, as their car fell into the ditch on a bend. To this day, tourists flock to Lake Ritsa through the tunnels built by the Germans.

 “Living Water” Ritsa
It came about after the reasons for the construction of this strategic road were different. It turned out that Ahnenerbe hydrologists had established that the composition of water taken from a source located in a cave under Lake Ritsa was ideal for the production of human blood plasma.

“The “living water” from Abkhazia in silver vessels was transported first to the coast then by submarine to the bottom of Constance and finally by plane to Germany” Bormotov professor in the Department of Economics and Business Management at the State Technological University Maikop explains. There were still plans to build tunnels for the submarine from the sea to Ritsa, but the war was interrupted.

Regarding the Adygeya, the 49th Mountain Corps of the Wehrmacht is known to stay in Maikop, which made the ascent to Mt. Elbrus. In the valley of the Belaya River near the Cossack village of Dajóvskaya, the SS Westland regiment was and between Pshish Psheja rivers and Nordland Germania tank regiments and settled. In the autumn of 1942 the airport of Maikop 3 Squadron 14 reconnaissance group, which had twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft FW-189 equipped with the most sophisticated instruments of intelligence and weather consisted essentially of flight laboratories was installed.

“This was more than enough to protect classified investigations, possibly executing the Ahnenerbe in the mountains of Adygea,” says Bormotov. “Maikop was the city where the Wehrmacht had its headquarters. From then on, command of the entire German military campaign in the Caucasus was exercised. In the autumn of 1942, in the mountains of Adygea there was no defined line of defense and we know cases where isolated groups of German soldiers penetrated deep into the mountains.

It is unclear why troops were deployed to Mount Pshekish in August 1944 when the front line had already moved far to the west. What did the Nazis not have time to finish on Mount Pshekish? Is this not being related to the investigations of Ahnenerbe specialists? “The specialist asks.

Accordingly, we can assume that the Nazis were interested in the “prehistoric constructions of Atlantis” and “the gateway to parallel worlds.” To this day they are still talking about unusual events in the area. Recently in the local press there was talk of unearthing the three-meter skeletons belonging to an unknown human race in Georgia’s Borjomi Gorge.

Skulls of the Gods About two years ago a group of cavers took the Vladimir Melikov two strange ethnographer skulls with horns that they claimed had been found in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach. They looked like fossilized animals. But when he started to analyze the findings in detail it made his skin crawl.
“Watch the finger-thick round hole at the bottom of the head,” Melikov said, showing one of the skulls. “This is the base of the spine. And its position indicates that this creature moved on two legs. Another strange thing is the absence of skullcap and jaws. One mouth, several holes distributed in a circle. The eye sockets are unusually large and they have two separate horn-shaped growths. However, the flat cheek bones are like in hominids. ”

Really they look atypical results. Even when compared to a bear’s skull on the side. It is very tempting to think that you have the remains of an  ALIEN in your hands .

Photographs of paleontologists findings were sent from the capital, but they did not react with enthusiasm. He just acknowledged that he had never seen anything like it and suggested caution perhaps it is a sheep skulls were long in a stream of sandy water and were very deformed?

But if a deformation is assumed, it was synchronized, as extraterrestrial elements are the same in both skulls. The researchers speculate that these finds could also fall into the hands of Hitler’s “magicians” who were looking for extraordinary artifacts.
Incidentally, mythologists, observing the results, were immediately clear. This is the Annunaki of ancient Sumer: horned deities whose name translates as “coming from heaven.” In Sumerian mythology, they participated in the creation of the world.

American writer Zecharia Sitchin Azeri identifies the Annunaki with the inhabitants of Nibiru, a hypothetical planet in the solar system with an eccentric orbit. Because of astronomical movements this planet appears in our field of view once every 3,600 years.

According to Sitchin, in this period the inhabitants of Nibiru descended to Earth and maintained contact with aborigines that is with people. “We can build all sorts of versions and conjectures but the remains found in the mountains of Aguideya force you to reflect,” he said by way of parting academic Ivan Bormotov. Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta Komsomolskaya Pravda rbth. with Extranotix. Source

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