WEREWOLF or CHUPA-GOAT? Mysterious Creature Appears Around Texas Zoo And Nobody Knows What It Is

Amarillo City Hall wants to know if it could be a Chupacabra or some other entity

The appearance of a strange creature in the city of Amarillo , Texas, in the United States, has intrigued many people. Security cameras at the local zoo captured images of the creature in the early hours of May 21. He appears standing behind a fence.

Chupacabra or Rocket Racoon?

The enigmatic image was shared on the city hall’s social media. “Is it a person with a strange hat who likes to walk at night? A chupacabra?  Do you have any idea what this ONIA – Amarillo Unidentified Object could be?” reads the post.

The post went viral and generated hundreds of theories about the creature. Some people joked that they could be characters like Sonic (from the video games) or Rocket Racoon, from Guardians of the Galaxy. Others have suggested it could be a skinwalker , which in Navajo lore is a sorcerer who can transform into an animal.

So far,  the creature’s nature remains a mystery . “We just want the community of Amarillo to have fun with it,” said Michael Kashuba, the city’s Director of Parks and Recreation. “It is important to point out that this entity was outside the Amarillo Zoo. There were no signs of a break-in attempt.”

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