Strange-looking woman walking or levitating is chasing NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars

If you’re a fan of ghost stories, keep reading because we’ve got a good one for you. This story, however, has nothing to do with haunted houses or cemeteries, but more with the Red Planet itself.

The main character in this story is NASA’s own Curiosity Rover, and as you can see in the photos below, it looks like our ghost has laid eyes on it and claimed it as its own.

Yes, this woman appears to be some kind of ghost riding alongside the Curiosity Rover. Some believe she is not a ghost, as they believe she is more likely to be an alien after all.

There is also a theory that she is a time traveler from the future, while others believe she is actually a statue of a Martian villager.

We can’t say for sure, but what we can say is that this discovery was made by none other than Scott C Waring himself and he’s sure of the fact that this is a Martian or Martian statue of some sort.

Do you believe this to be true? What other secrets could NASA keep from us?

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