Strange anomalies found on the moon – ‘undeniable proof’ of alien life, says expert

For a long time, it seems that humanity believed that there was life on the Moon, and yet, thanks to NASA, people now believe that this is impossible.

But recent studies have reported the fact that at least 36 other active alien civilizations may have been trying to contact us in recent ages. Scott C. Waring is the one who stumbled upon this discovery, as he also saw what appears to be proof of an alien civilization that lived on the Moon of all places. He believes an entire alien base could actually have lived inside this crater he found, which spans 50 miles across.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Scott believes the real base is underground and that by digging deep inside this crater, we could discover all of the alien civilization that has lived right under our noses for so long now.

This black structure that you can see in the photos below is clearly a cockpit area that has several arms sticking out of it. This is clear proof of the fact that whatever is there appears to be anchored to the side of the crater. If we are to consider this from a logical point of view, it is quite clear that this proves beyond a doubt that aliens do live on the Moon after all.

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