NASA Engineer Shocked the World: I Saw What I Didn’t Have, a 10-foot Alien

A NASA veteran says he saw an alien with his own eyes. It was supposed to happen during a mission to the cosmos 24 years ago. The meeting was part of the conspiracy of the US government and the inhabitants of other planets.

Clark C. McClelland was 35 years old at NASA. In his own words, he collaborated on more than 650 missions such as Apollo, Mercury, and was also in the creation of the International Space Station (ISS) and the Space Shuttle program.

Earlier in the day, he stated that as he watched a spacecraft fly by at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1991, he saw something he had not. Alien humanoid form nearly three meters tall. He had two hands, two legs, a slender frame and a head suited to the construction of his body, and he communicated with two astronauts in the space shuttle’s cargo bay. The unusual encounter lasted just one minute and seven seconds. The former engineer also claims that an alien spacecraft was parked next to the orbit.

In this context, the conspiracy arose, according to which world leaders joined the aliens and formed a league. “I’m not a fool, I can discern an extraterrestrial craft when I see it.” Aliens live on Earth, pass us by, maybe even assimilate into some terrestrial governments,” said McClelland, an expert in visual recognition of spacecraft.

Although McClelland first published his story in July 2008 on his Stargate Chronicles website, NASA has yet to speak of him playing the UFO karat with enthusiasts and all conspiracy buffs. They also claim that the US is hiding important information from the world that it has a secret military alliance and that the International Space Station is using it for meetings with members of the alien race. McClelland’s testimony may provide evidence that NASA deliberately suppresses contact with aliens

For example, last year there was contact between them and the ISS. However, NASA stopped direct transmission. A former expert from the National Aviation and Space Agency said in this regard that the US government had stopped paying him a pension, so he currently lives only on social benefits.

McClelland was a personal friend of NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 lunar pilot who was also the sixth man on the Moon. Mitchell has become much more famous than his colleague when he said in the past that “it is 90% certain that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects that have been seen since the 1940s are visitors from other planets.”

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