“I Traveled on a UFO to Secret Alien Bases on Earth” Claims Steve Boucher

Steve Boucher’s two abduction cases are very interesting and enigmatic. According to his experience, he claims to have traveled aboard a UFO and also to have been able to contemplate some secret extraterrestrial bases in cooperation with international governments.

In addition to science fiction, abductions is the term that in ufology, are given to cases of abduction by extraterrestrial beings, who take a person, in most cases against their will and usually do physical examinations sometimes, inside their ships.

In our time, the most notorious cases of recorded abductions began in the 1950s, with stories about abductions that took place inside UFOs or laboratory-like rooms where aliens carry out some experiments or research on the abducted individual.

In general, abductees say that they lost consciousness in the moment before the abduction.

Those who claim to have been victims of a kidnapping agree that during the kidnapping they would have suffered a significant period of lost time in which they do not remember what happened for a considerable period of time.

After the fact, physical abnormalities and metallic objects inside the body (chip-like) were reported.

Many victims of this paranormal or supernatural phenomenon say that after the events they have had repetitive nightmares, unexplained scars or marks on the body, and phobias that appear for no apparent reason.

The alien experience of “abductee” Steve Boucher is based on two incredible stories of very interesting alien encounters he had as a child and later as a teenager with his music band.

One night, a UFO blocked Steve and his father on the way, and one of the aliens took his father aboard the craft while another alien sat with Steve in the car for about 20 minutes, keeping him company until his father returned to the car.

Steve was about 4 years old at the time. His father confirmed the story in the following years when Steve questioned him “thinking it was all a dream”.

On September 6, Steve Boucher told his story in a documentary that was also streamed on YouTube.

In it he comments on “Catharines” in 1971, a musical band in Ontario (Canada) that was abducted by aliens. Steve and his band were kidnapped on their way home from a concert.

On this second occasion, four of them are brought aboard the ship, instructed to take off all their clothes and undergo a series of medical examinations.

Before taking off, the aliens told Steve that he would have forgotten about the entire incident, which he did very soon, but later remembered in detail through hypnosis.

In the following video (in English) Boucher talks about aliens, their plans, their bases on our planet and much more.

Thanks to Steve for sharing these great stories with us in the video below, for which you can enable subtitles.

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