Aliens Forced Americans Off the Moon

Channel RTR recently aired a documentary about US astronauts who allegedly came across extraterrestrial civilizations. The film shows Russian ufologist Vladimir Azhazha and astronomer Yevgeny Arsyukhin saying that moon expeditions launched between 1969-1972 allegedly encountered UFOs.

The researchers claim that flying objects of extraterrestrial origin were persistently spying on the American Apollos. They said the expeditions to the Moon looked a lot like a race and showed a film demonstrating a luminous object closely following an American spacecraft.

Records of communication between the astronauts and the Mission Control Center were also included in the film, but they were absolutely inaudible as they had been purposely blocked by the Americans.

They expected the expeditions to find something surprising on the Moon, and in order to keep their communication with the surface a secret, they coded their messages to the MCC. When the communication records were later deciphered, it was discovered that US missions found lunar bases, spacecraft remains, and deserted cities on the Moon.

The film claimed that lunar creatures would not tolerate the presence of Earth’s inhabitants for long. When the Americans brought in a fake car to gouge the craters of the Moon, the creatures that lived on the satellite began to demonstrate their furious protest against the US presence on the Moon.

The filmmakers said the green inhabitants of the Moon told Americans to return home as they wanted to keep the sublunar bases they used to observe life on Earth a secret. It was alleged that NASA was afraid of coming into conflict with a highly developed civilization and immediately discontinued the program. Does the movie look believable?
moon UFO

In a few days, the Americans demonstrated their documentary about the Apollo expeditions, In the Shadow of the Moon, with records of the flights to the Moon that were specially processed after the disappearance of the video files of the Moon program. Is it true that the files were lost? It appears that the CIA wanted to erase the traces of contact between American astronauts and extraterrestrials.

It’s an open secret for the way the films depicting the American astronauts landing on the Moon and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the lunar surface were lost.

In addition, records on the health of astronauts during flights to the Moon, information about spacecraft and other 700 messages sent from the council of spacecraft launched under the Apollo program are also missing.

Before the late 1970s, films were held in the US National Archives, then transferred to NASA, and then disappeared. It took NASA officials a year to search for the films, but they were able to find only ten films. Will anyone believe that evidence of America’s greatest triumph can so easily disappear from NASA’s archives?

An experience of the photos of the Moon demonstrated in the Russian documentary revealed that they were not ordinary photos, but just a few spots. The deputy director of the Laboratory of Comparative Planetology Doctor of geological sciences Alexander Bazilevsky says that specialists are requested from time to time to carry out an expertise of this type of photos.

Lunar Orbiter stations filmed the surface of the Moon, then developed films directly aboard the spacecraft and broadcast them to the surface. As a result of the development of this film, any unexpected things or elements may appear in the stills, which explains why one of the photos shown in the documentary had the word ‘spire’ on it. In a word, none of the images demonstrated in the documentary can be evidence of the existence of aliens on the Moon.

It’s strange that movies with really important evidence can disappear from NASA. Several years ago, more than 100 g of lunar soil and meteorites were stolen from the Johnson Space Center collection. And that wasn’t the only such incident there. A former NASA employee explained that the single films were likely lost after they were repeatedly moved from one place to another over the past forty years.

The NASA employee who requested anonymity also told a very interesting story. When President Bush announced the restart of the lunar program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration asked senior researchers who had previously participated in Apollo expeditions to meet experts who were about to start a new mission.

One of the elderly researchers who attended the meeting had designed a device to measure lunar radiation. The device could measure radiation before humans landed on the planet and could transmit information even when the Apollos were back on the surface.

Under the program, heaps of records were collected. But when the program stopped being financed and stopped the reels with encrypted films were discarded. But the old engineer took the films and put them in his basement, where they are still stored. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to decipher the movies, as a special device capable of decoding such records was also used when the program ended.

The NASA official admits that the flights to the Moon were a political mission as the US wanted revenge after Soviet astronaut Gagarin was the first to enter space. And the US spent $150 billion to start the lunar program to demonstrate the power of American science and engineering. It was a very expensive project that was easily abandoned once funding stopped.

The American Internet service Google is willing to pay $20 million to a private company that can land a buggy on the Moon to transmit one gigabyte-sized photo and video information straight to the Earth’s surface.

With this, Google conditions that such a buggy travels at least 40 centimeters along the surface of the Moon, transmits a series of images of the Moon, including a ‘self-portrait’ against the lunar background, a panoramic image of the planet and online images. line video.

As it turned out, meteorites hit the lunar surface more often than believed, which is really dangerous for automatic stations and manned spacecraft. The Moon has no atmospheric protection, and even a small meteor can cause tragedy if it hits a spacecraft or manned space station.

Today, the Russian moon expedition project is even less developed than under Korolev’s direction.

The documentary In the Shadow of the Moon includes an interview given by five of the eight existing men who have already entered space. They are now over seventy years old. None of them officially declared that they saw anything supernatural in space. With that, they are unanimous that the lunar race was part of the cold war when pure science was of second importance.

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