Several People See A Strange Humanoid Alien Crossing A Bridge In India. Video

Is humanity ready for first contact? The answer is complicated, as numerous studies show that humans are not yet ready to actively contact a supposed extraterrestrial civilization, and worst of all, would depend on political and religious figures.

In addition to the studies, we have numerous videos showing alleged contacts with extraterrestrials and in which we can see how people react, such as the incident with a strange humanoid in Jharkland, India.

Terrifying encounter on the bridge

A disturbing figure resembling a strange humanoid alien was seen walking on a road in India, causing all sorts of reactions among those present. The strange creature was recorded walking on a bridge at night in Jharkland, eastern India. In the video, recorded on Friday, May 28, on the newly built bridge near the Chadwa Dam in the town of Hazaribagh, the terrifying figure can be seen constantly walking across the bridge.

The strange, skeletal-looking humanoid form appears to have long arms and legs, pale white skin, and a very slender torso. The bikers swerve to avoid the figure that stops and looks at them, before continuing their slow walk. The video was posted on Twitter and quickly went viral, causing all sorts of reactions among netizens, who were looking for an explanation for the mysterious figure.


Some claimed that the strange humanoid’s haunting figure could be a ghost or a witch, more specifically a Churel. Also known as churail, chudail, and chudel, the churel is a female spirit that feeds on men in a vampiric way.

Churel is also a word for “witch” in South Asia and India, and they are considered a very dangerous type of supernatural entity. Churel are a species of shapeshifters. Her natural appearance is that of a hideous and, curiously, backwards woman. They have long, serpentine-like tongues and their hair is also snake-like, moving on their own. They also have sharp fangs in their mouths, again like a snake.

However, the spirits can change their appearance to become a beautiful woman. Sometimes they keep their feet back, hiding their lower legs. This being sometimes does not kill its victim immediately.

You can take a man and capture him in a cage. He will then feed on your blood for several days, bringing you food and water to keep you alive. If you’re lucky, Churel will leave you and go back to his family looking much older, with gray hair and an aged appearance.

Aside from the possibility that the strange humanoid is a Churel, there were those who were convinced it was an alien.

Little by little this theory gained weight as a result of some of the witnesses reporting seeing a faint red light in the sky above the humanoid. However, the most skeptical considered that it was probably a person with a mental disorder walking on the bridge.

Whether a supernatural being, an alien or a mentally challenged person, the strange humanoid has deepened the mystery over the video, official officials spoke to Indian media   Republic Media Network   on Monday to declare the video’s origin unknown. Apparently, no one has filed any complaints, claims or queries and therefore no investigation has been launched so far.

Jharkland authorities requested the cooperation of witnesses and those who recorded the footage of the strange humanoid.

So far there are more questions than answers about this incident, which now has the attention of thousands of people on social media, who have requested the help of Elon Musk,  NASA   and the Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) to investigate the origins of the orbit. strange humanoid. So maybe the   former head of Israeli space security   is true, and that’s why aliens are among us.

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