Renowned psychic claims: “Aliens will increase our life expectancy to 220 years”

Renowned psychic and paranormal expert Uri Geller has been shocking his Twitter followers lately with bizarre claims.

According to Uri, scientists have already found “superior beings” that will now help humanity increase life expectancy.

Geller believes the aliens will teach humans how to “eradicate all disease” by increasing life expectancy to an average of 220 years.

According to him,  «a person born today will encounter aliens during his lifetime»  .

Instead of scaring people away with aggressive alien behavior, he predicted they would help people solve the mysteries of seemingly incurable diseases, allowing everyone to live much longer.

Uri Geller tweeted, “My dear friends, the child born today will meet aliens during his lifetime who will teach us how to  eradicate all disease  .”

“Human life expectancy will increase to an average of 220 years.”

Uri Geller and Psychic Powers

Geller was the first human to demonstrate the ability to  bend metal objects using psychic  powers   , defying physical laws.

As expected, some were suspicious of his abilities, particularly the scientific community. They said the psychic thing was  about tricks and tricks  .

For Geller it all started at age 5 in Tel Aviv. He was playing in the courtyard of his house when a light hit his forehead, covering him completely and causing him to lose consciousness.

According to a neighbor’s testimony, the light came from a  UFO  that landed in the Gellers’ backyard. After that event, he started bending metal objects just by wanting to. The media has always attacked Geller, leading him  to sarcasm and public ridicule  .

In 2017,  declassified documents  revealed that the Israeli psychic collaborated with the  CIA  on the secret program “Stargate”, the purpose of this program was the exploitation of “remote viewing”.

Through this method and their out-of-body experiences, so-called “psychic spies” could track  remote locations and people  .

In addition to working with the CIA, he was also a close collaborator with NASA.

Uri Geller’s life was surrounded by incredible emotions, but few know that he was also a NASA collaborator

An article in the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post published an interview with Uri Geller, where he claimed to have a close friendship with  Edgar Mitchell  , a NASA astronaut who landed on the Moon in 1971.

This friendship was corroborated by Mitchell before his death in 2016. Mitchell acknowledged that he  had asked  Geller to meet with  Wernher von Braun  , a prestigious German-American space engineer.

Recently, the seer, whose special abilities were tested in the 1970s by the US CIA, warned NASA scientists to prepare for a massive alien invasion of Earth, which is expected to happen in the near future.

He also thinks that Australian radio wave mapping scientists who discovered a giant energy source 4,000 light-years away may have stumbled upon a message from “higher” beings from outer space.

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