Native Americans claim that “little beings” inhabit their mountains

For decades, the legends of creatures of small stature that live in caves or mountains have been present in different cultures, especially in the American one. Native Americans were sure the Pryor Mountains were home to some of them.

Most Native Americans have cryptic stories about a  mysterious race  known as the “little people”. These beings lived in  forests, caves or mountains  and near large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes.

native american mythology

The legends of the little ones speak of beings that range from  40 centimeters in height  . Some tribes referred to them as mythological beings, similar to  fairies  and goblins.

These stories were  widely known  among the natives long before European settlers arrived in North America. This rules out any  “resemblance” to goblins  , which some scholars suggest.

According to the Wyoming Indians, the Nimerigars were  very small and violent people  who should be avoided at all costs.

Its presence was believed to be a distraction to cause harm. Some considered them  gods  . In fact, certain tribes claimed that they lived in  neighboring caves  , which were never explored so as not to disturb them.

The  Cherokee  , on the other hand, refer to the Ynwi-Tsunsdi, a race of small people who generally did not  show themselves  to the people. It is believed that these beings possessed magical abilities and could  help or harm people  , depending on how they were treated.

The Catawba of South Carolina had myths about the spiritual realm that reflect  their own Christian traditions  . They believed in the Yehasuri or “little wild peoples”, who resided in the forests.

Within the  mythology  of the Native Americans, the Pukwudgies, humanoid creatures with gray faces and huge ears, also stand out. This legend spreads across the northeastern United States, southeastern Canada, and the Great Lakes region.

The Little People of the Pryor Mountains

The Crow Indians reported the existence of a race of small people inhabiting the  Pryor Mountains  . A mountainous area in Carbon and Big Horn counties, Montana, that features the Crow Indian Reservation, where the mountains are.

The natives believed that the little ones were responsible for  carving the petroglyphs  discovered in the rocks at the site.

Other tribes also believed that the Pryor Mountains were home to small creatures. The Lewis and Clark expedition   even reported sightings of extremely low beings along the White Stone River, now the Vermillion River, in 1804.

Other Native American tribes believe this area to be home to  demons  . These have human-like bodies, large heads, and are only one meter tall. These creatures are always on the defensive and carry sharp arrows that can kill at long range.

In fact,  many of the deaths  of indigenous people who tried to cross the hill were attributed to these beings.

Still, to crows, little people are sacred and credited with  creating their tribe  . Being considered as deities.

It’s amazing how different Native American tribes coincide in the existence of the so-called “little people”. Just as other tribes in the Americas did and as people, even today, are sure of having had contact with them…

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