Michael Salla claims that: “Aliens meet with official agencies”


One of the most renowned experts on international politics in the United States, Michael Salla, ensures that extraterrestrial beings meet with official agencies.

Michael Salla: "Aliens Meet With Official Agencies"

Michael Salla is a leading scholar and expert on US international politics. This expert ensures that different  extraterrestrial races  have met with official agencies with dark purposes for humanity.

Encounters between aliens and official agencies: Michael Salla’s theory

Many theorists claim that there are quite obscure interests in these meetings. That they could be using  the power of these agencies  as a covert strategy to avoid revealing their intentions.

So they created a show about  human performance  , where the end, supposedly, is a cultural realignment. However, experts say its true purpose is the  domination of humanity  .

Or at least that’s what Michael Salla, an academic specializing in the study of political processes  associated with extraterrestrial life  , made it clear.

Some independent sources have assured that these meetings are held with US officials from an official agency. This  involves the reptilians and other aliens  whose lifestyle is based on silicon.

“The extraterrestrial groups involved in these conversations are called controllers. They have been monitoring the Earth for a long time, protecting humanity.”

“Controllers are highly evolved from a technical point of view and have a good understanding of human psychology, but they clearly have not evolved spiritually.”

According to Salla, they are currently in the process of creating a  hybrid humanoid race  that they plan to place on Earth for the creation of a new type of human.
Michael Salla: "Aliens Meet With Official Agencies"

Do they want to rule the world?

It is believed that alongside the  Reptilians  , there is also the Insectoid or Mantis race. Both work together, but each has its own program. The Grays are the work force, but they are not appreciated by any of the early races.

There is also a race called “Ebens”, some of which come from  the Zeta Reticuli star system  , where the planet of these “Greys” is located.

The similarities of Michael Salla’s accounts with those of other popularizers lead to the conclusion that there is a  secret program  of meetings afoot. These involve high-ranking military officers and one or more extraterrestrial civilizations.

But these meetings are not just limited to US soil. It was also revealed that the United Nations discussed the  UFO phenomenon  and extraterrestrial life.

The truth about what is really happening remains a secret. Hidden by the big official bodies that insist on leaving us aside. However, thanks to some popularizers, the truth always seeks to come out.

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