Alien life on Mars? Ex-scientist says he’s already been found

Gilbert Levin, a former NASA scientist, declared that an experiment carried out in 1975 on the surface of Mars is proof that extraterrestrial life exists.

Alien life on Mars? Ex-scientist says he's already been found

Humanity  , over the years, has spent billions of dollars in human resources and effort. This to solve a single question: is there extraterrestrial life?

Most of this effort was done on  Mars  , our closest planet, but with no apparent results. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Alien life on Mars?

In an opinion piece published in Scientific American, former NASA scientist  Gilbert Levin  said that we may have already discovered that we are not alone in the universe.

This was due to an experiment Levin directed for  NASA ‘s Viking mission  in 1976.  2 separate pairs of orbiters  were sent to perform experiments and return images. This would mark the first time the United States has landed a spacecraft on the red planet.

According to the scientist, the mission detected  positive results  during the life detection experiment.

It consisted of the probe mixing a  sample of Martian soil with a  nitrogen-based nutrient solution. This was “marked” with a unique radioactive carbon compound.

The theory was that if soil microorganisms metabolized nutrients, they would release radioactive carbon dioxide gas.

Levin mentions that the initial results were surprising. They were positive for microorganisms and were corroborated by  both orbiters on Mars  , more than 6,000 kilometers away.

Many other reliable tests were done with Earth-based soil and microbial cultures that supported the results.

Disadvantages of NASA

Alien life on Mars? Ex-scientist says he's already been found

However, there was one big problem with the results; Subsequent experiments “did not provide clear evidence of the presence of live microorganisms near the landing sites,”  NASA said  .

Even so, the scientist corroborates his conclusion with the evidence obtained after the Viking missions. Including evidence of surface water, methane, ammonia and even worm-like features. Appearing in images taken by the  Curiosity rover  .

The scientist argues that, in NASA’s long history of exploring Mars, it has always failed to find  evidence of extraterrestrial life  . Even if that mission is among your highest priorities.

Rather than sending soil samples back to Earth, something the Mars 2020 rover will try to do, Levin thinks experts should  expand on the results  of their 1970s experiments and carry out similar tests.

But for that, NASA must accept that the experiment with extraterrestrial life on Mars is valid.

It is something that is really unlikely to happen, as the US space agency refuses to accept anything that contradicts them. However, this experiment could be evidence that there was extraterrestrial life on Mars.

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