Falkville Metal Man: “Photograph of an alien robot”

Although UFO sightings number in the thousands across the world, there is little evidence showing the members of its crew. However, the case of “Falkville Metal Man” is one such exception.

Falkville Metal Man, Alien Robot Photography?

Some of the images taken from Falkville Metal Man

On October 17, 1973, Jeff Greenhaw, then chief of police in  Falkville  , Alabama, was enjoying his night off with his wife. That day off was interrupted by an  emergency call  that would change everything. The Falkville Metal Man is one of those unexplained cases that continues to be investigated.

The Strange Case of the Falkville Metal Man

At 10pm, a hysterical woman called the police to report a  UFO  terrorizing the  outskirts of town  , in a field owned by Bobby Summerford.

Despite being out of commission, Greenhaw responded to the call for help. He grabbed his keys, handcuffs, service weapon and a  Polaroid camera  .

Upon arriving at the scene, he got out of the vehicle and began to search the area. He claimed to find nothing strange, so he went back to his patrol car to have a look around before returning.

After checking the perimeter, he approached the gravel drive that led to the Summerford property’s exit.

It was at this moment that he encountered an  entity  that he would describe as a humanoid creature. She was standing in the middle of the road, about  25 meters away  . The policeman got out of the truck and approached cautiously, thinking it was a person.

He yelled at the creature, but it didn’t respond. When he was just a few feet away, he realized something was up. The  humanoid  wore some sort of shiny silver metallic suit.

Greenhaw wrote in the official report the following:

“It looked like his head and neck were one and the same… It was really shiny, kind of like rubbing mercury on nickel, but as smooth as glass, different angles gave different lighting… When I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car. car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.

The sheriff also noted that the suit had a  kind of antenna  protruding from its head, and that its movements were mechanical. He quickly realized that  it was not a living being  , but  a kind of machine  . This would earn him the name Falkville Metal Man.
Falkville Metal Man, Alien Robot Photography?

Greenhaw Polaroid Photographs

flight and warning

He quickly took out his Polaroid camera and  took the camera out 4 times  , taking pictures. The first one doesn’t show more than a few flashes of light, but in the following the image changes.

A humanoid figure in a metallic suit  that reflected the camera’s flash can be clearly seen.

It was at that moment that the entity instantly turned around and began to flee  at a speed far greater than that of any human  . Greenhaw thought he was going to Lacon, just outside Falkville. The boss reacted immediately and ran to his vehicle to chase him.

The officer  was never able to catch  up with the Falkville Metal Man as he was running very strangely from side to side with his arms at his sides. In fact, he asserted that it looked like  it had springs and jumped.

Before the frantic pursuit of more than  3 kilometers  , the man lost control of the vehicle and fell into a ditch. He only saw the Metal Man slip away into the darkness  , never to be seen again.

At 11:30 pm, Greenhaw contacted the  local newspaper  to tell his story. However, the publication, along with the photos, only generated ridicule and ridicule. Something normal for the time.
Falkville Metal Man, Alien Robot Photography?

Greenhaw on site.

However, a few days after the revelation of the encounter, the delegate began to receive  threats through letters and telephone  . His car engine blew up, his house was set on fire, and to top it off, the city council  forced him to resign from his job  .

All these events have led theorists to speculate that this was clearly nothing more than a terrible case of  silencing  .

What was the metal man?

Ufologists speculated that it was an  alien rover robot  . Something similar to the Mars rover   .

Although skeptics claim that everything that happened was nothing more than a  mistake  by Greenhaw with an unknown accomplice.

However,  subsequent events  prove not only that the chief of police was telling the truth, but that there was a clear attempt to silence him.

It is worth mentioning that the description of the Falkville Metal Man is very similar to the creatures described by Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker during the kidnapping of Pascagoula.

Is it possible they are the same creatures? Is it possible that it was an action by the same extraterrestrial civilization? These are cases that seem to have no close resolution, so speculation continues.

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