“Earth Shaping”: Are Alien Races Changing Our Planet?

It’s no secret that something strange is happening on the planet, altering the weather and affecting natural habitats. According to theorists, this intervention is the work of alien races on Earth.

Climate  change  is certainly helping things on the planet to change dramatically. However, you don’t have to be a scientific expert to realize that some of these changes  are caused by alien races  .

Are alien races changing the planet?

Some areas are being hit by  record-breaking cold snaps  , while others are experiencing  unprecedented temperature rises  .

If we add to this the  pandemic  , which has radically changed the way we live, with some countries that have  abandoned their democracy  for a kind of “health dictatorship”.

This series of transformations, according to theorists, is due to the so-called “Earth Conformation”. In short,  they are shaping the Earth.

This process is about  the deliberate modification  of the Earth’s atmosphere whereby temperatures change dramatically, along with the topography of the planet.

Most likely, the  Earth  will undergo physical pole shifts, causing an unprecedented environmental disaster. One of the most common theories about  the end of the world  .

And this theory is also linked to the fact that the changes the planet is going through are deliberately caused so that  other alien races can inhabit it.

Obviously, this hypothesis  is not supported  by the scientific community. However, what is happening is unlike  any other time in humanity  .
Add to that the large number of  UFO  and alien sightings, and the impact of meteorites and asteroids. The latter have increased in recent years.

Too many coincidences together?

It also increased the number of  contacts with alien races  and the increase in abductions around the world.

What happened to the kidnapped people who  didn’t reappear  ? Did they really  disappear from the face of the Earth  ?

Everything that has happened in the last few years is quite strange. The  mutilation of cattle  , the carcasses of animals found in  strange circumstances…

Something is happening on our planet and if the culprits are alien races, why hasn’t the government done anything to protect it?

Perhaps they are aware of what happened, but  their escape plan  has been forged years ago. Possibly those of us who remain on the planet are its  scapegoats  .

For now, the scientific community remains tight-  lipped  on the extraterrestrial question. Even after the Pentagon and other institutions confirmed the presence of UFOs on Earth.

Even so, the existence of alien races remains hidden, perhaps to keep us in check. So we won’t notice when the New World Order is installed. Are we in the time of definitive change?

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