TOP SECRET – A surgeon claims to have performed over 3,000 autopsies on extraterrestrials

An Insider, or an anonymous informant, reveals his identity for the first time, revealing his work in “Black Operations” or Black Ops referring to autopsies performed on more than 3,000 extraterrestrial specimens. Emery Smith is or is the name of an informant. He has spent the last 10 years publicizing his work anonymously. He was involved in the so-called “Black Operations”, known as “Black Ops”. Or more surprising is his supposed work as a surgical technician at underground military bases, focused on autopsies and pathological examinations of extraterrestrial specimens.

Emery Smith

Black ops are highly classified covert operations carried out by government agencies, military or paramilitary units. Emery Smith used the pseudonym “Paul” and was a key informer for researchers such as David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Still him. The video you can watch at the end of the article is an interview done by researcher David Wilcock not INSIDER Emery Smith does not program Cosmic Disclosure, not who reveals his identity, but also details the Black Projects or Black Operations (Black Project or Black Project) Projects ). blackops).

Something that stands out is that Smith gets nervous during the interview, as he is suffering from stress. In fact, he says he suffered all sorts of persecution. Clearly, the US military high command would be shocked by all the Top Secret extraterrestrial investigation-related hideouts found in secret bases.

Smith says the fence has gotten rough lately. “I was shot – Smith commented during his interview – I was robbed, I was attacked by 3 agents, they beat me, that is, I spent a lot of time… enter, to tempt you to obtain personal material that was saved on personal PCs and not in the chest.”

New Mexico: Secret Extraterrestrial Autopsy Laboratory

According to Smith, who began operating in black ops, he demonstrated great efficiency as a surgical technician for the US military. He was transferred to Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, in a secret underground laboratory. On his first day, he must descend less than 30 levels deep in an elevator, then reach the underground structures with Cosmic Top Secret’s stealth levels. It was his first task in an operating room on an underground base: he had to take samples of various tissues, catalog them, put them in vials and label them along with other doctors and technicians assigned to autopsies. He didn’t start, they were small champions, but Smith started looking at larger samples of complete organs. He also came to be overtaken by the appearance of two bodies,

After 1 year, it became clear that he had invented extraterrestrial autopsies. They were pathological examinations of some body parts and entire bodies of alien beings. Smith relates a special autopsy performed on a reptilian being: “It was a leopard skin – says Smith – it was a torso, it looked like it had been blown up and it had the skin of a reptile. It had normal body parts, like a stomach, much like ours. Then I noticed a toilet, a heart, lungs. My face was very distorted and destroyed so I couldn’t see what it looked like, but it had perfect and normal bone structure as we feared. ”

These operations were carried out very calmly and the doctors could not ask questions about the origin of the two bodies. Emery Smith was both fascinated and frightened by the alien nature of the pathological work he was doing.

However, he began to feel uncomfortable receiving bodies that were still warm, indicating that he had died moments before. Emery Smith claims that the confidentiality agreement he agreed to work on these operations had expired, but it was better not to talk about it than to make him uncomfortable, or that it would be dangerous for him (even David Wilcock). This extraterrestrial autopsy testimony is amazing and shows very detailed and convincing descriptions explained in detail. According to Smith,

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